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Banana + Almond Butter

Prolonged Power®

Real, naturally sweet banana mixes with the goodness of smooth almond butter and crunchy walnuts for a moment of serenity any time of day.
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Tray of GoMacro Banana + Almond Butter Bars

What's Inside

As delicious and comforting as a slice of homemade banana bread, our Prolonged Power MacroBar combines the taste of real bananas, chopped walnuts, creamy organic almond butter, and a hint of cinnamon for a warming and nourishing snack. The real treat is 11g of plant-based protein plus healthy fats, iron, and potassium for a long-lasting energy boost your body craves!

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  • 11 grams of protein
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO
  • Clean
  • Soy-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Low FODMAP
GoMacro banana almond butter bar surrounded by banana
GoMacro banana almond butter bar drizzled in almond butter
Stack of GoMacro banana almond butter bars
  • Organic Almonds

    Organic Almonds

  • Organic Bananas

    Organic Bananas

  • Organic Sunflower Seeds

    Organic Sunflower Seeds

  • Organic Walnuts

    Organic Walnuts

What's the Texture?

This bar's texture is chewy. Soft Chewy Crunchy Hard


67 Reviews
California Mom1916

March 11, 2023

I love these bars with bits of banana. I grab one every morning and break off pieces during the day. This is the only bar I eat as I cannot eat chocolate, but I do not feel I am missing a thing as I enjoy the banana nut so much!


February 14, 2023

I Love love these bars! Feel safe eating them, now a days thats HUGE! And they taste great!!!!


February 12, 2023

Delicious, filling, and healthy protein bar! Thank you Go Macro!

Taylor Lape

January 26, 2023

Absolutely LOVE this bar! If you love bananas, you can already count yourself a lover of this flavor. DID NOT disappoint!

John Davie

January 23, 2023

One of my favorites! Love this flavor!


January 14, 2023

This is my favorite gomacro flavor so far, the subtle banana is so tasty! Love that I finally found a vegan bar that has tons of flavor, and the chewy texture makes it feel like a real treat.


December 18, 2022

This has to be the most delicious bar I’ve ever had. It’s perfect for a post-gym snack or a snack during a busy shift. It’s definitely a to-go snack for myself. This flavor has been my favorite so far. It’s the perfect amount of sweet.


November 7, 2022

I love this healthy plant-based bar and I like the softer texture. It is awesome that the wrapper and cartons are recyclable! I am so happy and grateful I found this bar. Thank you GoMacro!

Vickie Pruitt

August 10, 2022

I love these bars, as they are soft, not hard. They are easy to digest., and have a great taste , not too sweet. I can’t do peanut butter, so glad these are available. I need to get extra protein and these are perfect.


April 13, 2022

This flavor is in my top five of favorite GoMacro Bars. They taste just like a banana muffin, but not too sweet. I would imagine they'd go great with coffee, but I enjoy mine with water while on a hike or just finishing up on the trail

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