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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Striving to make a positive environmental impact.

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Treading Lightly

We’re taking action to prioritize our planet. Here is our progress so far:

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100% green energy

Operations are powered by 100% renewable solar and wind energy.

Food scraps icon

490,067 lbs donated

Food scraps are donated to local farms for animal feed in 2020.

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64.2% waste diverted

We keep waste out of landfills through recycling and upcycling programs.

Upcycled icon

286,500 lbs upcycled

2,866,000 trays were upcycled in 2020.

Energy icon

57,560 kWh

Energy is re-introduced to the grid thanks to our renewable energy initiatives in 2020.

Shipment icon

5,397 eco-friendly shipments

We utilize sustainable shipping and shared transport to reduce emissions in 2020.

Tree icon

7,371.5 trees planted

We’ve funded the planting of thousands of trees to offset carbon emissions in 2020.

Recycle icon

5,192 lbs recycled

Hairnets, beard nets, and nitrile gloves were recycled in 2020.

Raw ingredients icon

10,213,206 lbs

Raw ingredients used in 2020.

Our 11 Point Action Plan

Organic truck icon Distribution

We will strive to produce, pack, transport, and distribute products from field to market using the most efficient means possible with the most environmentally responsible renewable fuel sources. We will systematically improve our energy efficiency, reduce our energy consumption, and reduce food-miles whenever possible.

Windmill icon Energy

We will strive to store, process, distribute and vend our products using energy resources in the most resourceful means possible with energy efficient best practices. We will utilize the most environmentally responsible renewable energy opportunities whenever possible such as solar, wind, hydro, and geothermal.

Cloud and sun icon Climate Change

We will strive to actively reduce all production, storage, processing, and retail practices that create the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. We will measure the carbon footprint of our operations and strive for achieving carbon-neutrality in all of our business practices.

Water drop icon Water

We will strive to reduce our use of fresh water and optimize our operations so that all water use is as efficient as possible. We will raise awareness of regional and local water issues through education and information sharing. We commit to managing our water resources with the realization that multiple water stressors exist today.

Trash can icon Waste

We will strive to reduce waste at the source and treat waste in a way that sustains all living systems, through reusing, donating, recycling, and composting. We will continually redesign our operations so that eventually “waste” will be eliminated because all material will become the raw material for new products and uses.

Boxes on dolly icon Packaging

We will strive to implement a zero-waste approach to packaging by 1) reducing the amount of packaging we use, 2) helping develop packaging that is reusable, recyclable, and/or biodegradable, 3) considering packaging material contents, and 4) collaborating with suppliers on solutions to eliminate unsustainable packaging.

Farmer icon Labor

We will strive to ensure that growers and handlers of food products collaborate to guarantee basic labor rights and improvements in the lives of farm workers. We will develop company policies, procedures, training, and internal reporting structures to ensure commitment to good labor practices throughout our organization.

Chicken icon Animal Care

We will strive to ensure that livestock and poultry have access to clean and sufficient food and water; that their environment is not dangerous to their health. In addition, ensure that managers and caretakers are thoroughly trained, skilled and competent in animal husbandry and welfare.

Recycling book icon Consumer Education

We will strive to provide consumers, employees, our communities, and the media accurate, useful and timely information about all of the areas listed in this document.

Handshake icon Governance

We will strive to review our progress toward these goals on a regular basis by conducting self audits and being transparent with all employees and the public with the results. We will actively engage in communication across the trade to solve sustainability-related challenges and will facilitate dialogue regarding action.

Basket full of food icon Organic

We recognize the many benefits of organic farming for the health of the soil, water resources, plant, animal and human communities. We will strive to source all agriculturally derived products we use in our operations from farms using organic methods and offering organically grown product lines.