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People. Planet. Balance.

Spreading the power of a balanced, plant-based lifestyle.

Our Mission

Balance for ourselves and nature.

Mother-daughter owned and based in a small rural community, our mission is to spread awareness for a balanced, plant-based lifestyle with products that make a positive impact on the planet. Our GoMacro® facility is powered by 100% renewable energy, and our bars are made with high-quality, sustainably sourced, plant-based ingredients to help you have a healthy body, sharp mind, and bold spirit.

Our 5 Principles

Mom and daughters in kitchen, oldest daughter eating GoMacro Macrobar

Live Long

Fuel a great story.

We want you to thrive, be your best, and live a long life! There is power in overcoming adversity, embracing life’s adventures, and sharing a positive story with the world—fuel your journey with a balanced, plant-based lifestyle.

Man in garden holding a basket full of vegetables

Eat Positive

Eat plant-based, sustainably grown food.

Feel good about the foods you eat, how they taste, and the quality of the ingredients. Choose fresh, local produce that’s in season. Enjoy delicious snacks that have a positive impact on the planet. Our MacroBars are Certified Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Non-GMO, C.L.E.A.N., and Soy-Free. Learn more about our certifications.

Feeding San Diego volunteers behind a tables filled with food

Give Back

Every bite makes a difference.

We believe in building a stronger, healthier community by giving back. A portion of the proceeds from our Give Back Bars® are donated to organizations making a positive impact on people and the planet. In addition, 100% of our food scraps are donated. Giving back creates a chain reaction of world-changing goodness. Learn more about our four Give Back Bars and the organizations they support.​


Tread Lightly

Striving to make a positive impact on the planet.

GoMacro® facilities are powered by 100% renewable energy. We use 100% sustainable packaging that can be recycled or composted. We are 100% carbon neutral and we are actively working toward becoming zero-waste and landfill-free. We also partner with The Climate Collaborative and Carbonfund on global conservation projects. Each day, we incorporate responsible practices to minimize our environmental impact for a better future. Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.

Woman eating GoMacro MacroBar

Be Well

Live a healthy, balanced life.

We believe that mental, physical, and spiritual well-being is achieved through balance. To be your best, take good care of your body and mind. It’s important to go out and experience life. Volunteer, visit with family and friends, explore new places, spend time in nature, move your body, keep learning, and practice gratitude for all the positive things in your life and our world.

GoMacro MacroBar protein purity

Tell A Friend. Make A Difference!

Share the power of GoMacro and a plant-based diet.