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Coconut + Almond Butter + Chocolate Chips

Everlasting Joy®

A delicious combination of organic shredded coconut, creamy almond butter, and vegan dark chocolate chips!
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Tray of GoMacro Coconut Chocolate Chip Bars with Almond Butter

What's Inside

Reminiscent of your favorite candy bar as a kid, this perfect balance of organic coconut, vegan dark chocolate chips, creamy almond butter, and 11 grams of plant-based protein, our Everlasting Joy MacroBar provides delicious, sustained energy to fuel your day. To top it off, a portion of the proceeds from this bar is shared with organizations fighting family hunger and homelessness. Learn more here.

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  • 11 grams of protein
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-Free
  • Kosher
  • Non-GMO
  • Clean
  • Soy-Free
  • Dairy-Free
  • Low FODMAP
Stack of GoMacro everlasting joy bars
GoMacro everlasting joy bar laying on ingredients
Stack of GoMacro everlasting joy bars drizzled in chocolate
  • Organic Almonds

    Organic Almonds

  • Organic Chocolate Chips

    Organic Chocolate Chips

  • Organic Puffed Brown Rice

    Organic Puffed Brown Rice

  • Organic Unsweetened Coconut

    Organic Unsweetened Coconut

What's the Texture?

This bar's texture is chewy. Soft Chewy Crunchy Hard


137 Reviews

May 23, 2023

These are by far the best breakfast bar I’ve had in a long time! The flavor is great and they keep me full till lunch time! This is my favorite flavor out of them all.


May 9, 2023

Since I enjoy these I bought 4 boxes on sale. Before this, best by dates were well in the future at least 6 months. These only gave a couple of months. I'd have to eat them every day. So I can't give them 5 stars as hoped. It's a waste of money if I have to throw them out.


We appreciate your feedback, Mindy - We are sorry to hear that the expiration dates weren't as expected with your more recent order. GoMacro bars will range between 4-6 months of shelf-life remaining by the time you receive them in your home. We will have a member of our Customer Care Team connect with you to assist with any other questions you may have.

Rich Kraby

May 7, 2023

Awesome product! Love the texture and flavor.


May 7, 2023

I love these, and I prefer to warm them up for 15 seconds in the microwave. I have food allergies and sensitives and it's incredibly hard to find a protein bar. This flavor is the only one I can have, since too many of them contain peanuts (allergic) and/or seed butters/oils. Seed oils are terrible for your body. If you do Macros it fits nicely into that, they're great for travel, and I'm not always able to fit a meal between surgeries so these are fantastic!


April 14, 2023

Love these! The flavor combination is spot on! So enjoyable!

nicole mason

April 14, 2023

Completely obsessed with gomacro bars!! These are the only protein bars I eat. I’m so thankful to have a variety of bars that are completely delicious, vegan, GF, soy free, etc.. there’s nothing better out there!

David Eisenberg

March 6, 2023

Yes I love the Coconut Almond Bars. I would love to see the same bar or similar with less sugar but until that happens I'm sticking with them. Best tasting bar I've eaten. BTW I created a bar during my past 2o year career in the Dietary Supplement Industry so I know what it takes to make a good bar and the time it takes to source and plan ingredient purchases. Excellent product and thanks for your creation.

I could eat a whole box!

March 4, 2023

I loveeee these! They are my favorite, they taste soooo good! If you have tried them yet you are missing out. I personally eat 2 a day. I've gotten so many ppl i work with, friends, and families hooked on them!

Marie Freeman

February 24, 2023

These are the ONLY protein bar that doesn't give me digestive pain. They are so good. Not too sweet with a really nice texture


January 14, 2023

I finally found a vegan snack bar staple! This is my first flavor choice so far and I can't wait to try more! The bars are so chewy and flavorful, and extremely filling, perfect for a post-workout snack!

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