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Our Story

In the face of adversity, a mother and daughter took their love to the kitchen, and GoMacro was born.

This is their story.

Born In A Kitchen.
Mother-Daughter Owned.

Founders and advocates for a balanced, plant-based lifestyle.

In 2003, Amelia Kirchoff was diagnosed with breast cancer. After speaking with her daughter, Jola, Amelia decided to fight the cancer with a plant-based macrobiotic diet in addition to a local lumpectomy. In the face of adversity, Jola and Amelia came together, fought the cancer, and Amelia won. During her battle with cancer, Amelia created the MacroBar® recipe in her kitchen on the Wisconsin family farm. In the years following, Amelia and Jola began spreading the power of a balanced, plant-based lifestyle through GoMacro’s organic and delicious MacroBars.

Since the brand’s launch in 2004, GoMacro has grown from selling MacroBars in local food co-ops, to making plant-based nutrition bars accessible nationwide. GoMacro is headquartered in Viola, Wisconsin, where MacroBars are produced with certified, high-quality ingredients. The success of GoMacro has only fueled Jola and Amelia’s passion for spreading awareness to the world about the benefits of balanced, plant-based living. Today, Jola runs the business and when Amelia is not tending to the farm, she is working with the innovations team to develop the newest GoMacro recipes.

Farm. Family. Ingredients.

Learn more below about our family, our farm and our commitment to clean ingredients.

Founders of GoMacro and their family

Our Family

We are a mother-daughter owned and operated company that puts our heart and soul into promoting a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. What started in a farmhouse kitchen as a mother and daughter team has grown into a top-selling, plant-based nutrition bar company. Today our team is much larger, but the spirit of our family remains.

GoMacro farm

Our Farm, Our Home

In the spring of 2000, we purchased a 120-acre farm in Viola, Wisconsin. We saw the farm’s potential and knew it would be special. We named it after a place in ancient Italy known for its impressive views called Posilippo, Greek for “pause from pain.” We worked hard renovating the barn, restoring the orchard and planting a big vegetable garden. Today, Posilippo has become our family’s favorite place to gather, relax and enjoy the beautiful views.

Amelia watering plants in garden

Ingredients Grown, Not Made

The quality of our ingredients is our top priority. We carefully select fresh, wholesome and delicious ingredients. Everything is 100% plant-based, coming from organic and non-GMO certified growers who follow sustainable farming practices. All of our products provide a nutritional benefit without any additives or preservatives.

Someone planting plant in GoMacro compostable packaging

Balance For Ourselves and Nature

We believe in the power of a balanced, plant-based lifestyle that is good for you and for the world around you. By only taking what we need from our planet and giving back when we can, we encourage others to follow in the pursuit of living in balance with ourselves and nature.

Our Mission
GoMacro MacroBar protein purity

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