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Our Favorite Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes and Tips

Thanksgiving is a day that often revolves around food and begins a long food-filled holiday season but it is possible to have a healthy Thanksgiving without overdoing it. It’s all about balance. Here are some useful tips and recipes that will allow you to enjoy your Thanksgiving while keeping your health and fitness goals in sight:

Get Moving - Plan Ahead For Exercise

Set aside some time for exercise during the holiday. All across the country on Thanksgiving day, communities will be hosting Turkey Trots. Take advantage of this chance to get your heart rate up before the big feast. and are both websites that make it possible to discover local Turkey Trots in your area, register for races, and get involved in other local, active community events.

Take Time To Give Back

Thanksgiving is more than just about eating food, it's about family memories and giving back to the community. Everyone deserves to have a wonderful holiday season. Feeding America makes it possible to donate in order to help deliver meals to children and families facing hunger this Thanksgiving, and all year round. Another great tool to find local non profit organizations who are in need of volunteers during the busy holiday season is VolunteerMatch.

Tread Lightly - Be Thankful To Our Planet Too!

Reduce your carbon footprint this holiday season by creating new traditions that are positive for the environment. There are many ways to enjoy a zero-waste Thanksgiving, here are some of our favorite suggestions: shop locally for organic produce, use glass jars for leftovers, choose cloth napkins and tablecloths instead of paper and purchase products in recyclable packaging.

Making Healthy Food Choices

Start the Day with a Nutritious Breakfast Fasting all day before the big meal leads to binge eating. By starting your day with a filling and nutrient-rich breakfast, you set your blood sugar and energy levels up for a steady flow, which can ultimately help curb cravings. A clean, hearty breakfast should contain foods high in fiber, loaded with fruits or vegetables, and of course protein. Some examples of a hearty clean breakfast include, steel cut oatmeal, protein smoothie, chia pudding, avocado toast, and our favorite, Protein MacroBars.

Make Side Dishes the Star Thanksgiving side dishes are often abundant in leafy greens and vegetables. Try filling up your plate with veggies like brussels sprouts, spinach, carrots and green beans.

Here at GoMacro, we have a few tried and true favorite sides that would be a perfect addition to your Thanksgiving table:

Apple + Cranberry Morning Oats

Apple crandberry oatmeal with bits of GoMacro protein bars on top

Bring the holiday spirit to your breakfast table with this easy, ready in under 10 minute meal the whole family will enjoy. View our Apple + Cranberry Morning Oats recipe.

Vegan Mashed Potatoes

Vegan mashed potatoes

Our oh-so-delicious garlic mashed potatoes are reminiscent of the classic dish we dairy-free eaters often long for. Swapping butter and milk for homemade cashew cream and nutritional yeast, our plant-based version of a beloved staple is ready in less than an hour! View our Vegan Mashed Potatoes recipe.

Balsamic + Maple Brussel Sprouts

Oven roasted brussel sprouts

Filled to the brim with rich antioxidants and vitamins, this boldly delicious and (secretly) nutritious side will soon become a staple at any fall gathering. View our Balsamic + Maple Brussel Sprouts recipe.

Bake Pears

Baked pears on a plate

Don’t get bogged down by heavy, overly repeated holiday desserts. Our warm and toasty stuffed pears, lightly coated in real maple syrup make for a feel-good holiday dessert that is easily customizable for any pallet or craving. View our Baked Pears recipe.

GoMacro has so much to be thankful for this year - and we are especially grateful for each and every one of you. We hope you have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday.