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4 Easy Vegan Meal Plans The Entire Family Will Love

Whether you’re an active adventurer, athlete, or a busy on-the-go adult, following or starting a plant-based diet gives your body the proper nutrition it needs to thrive.

Woman eating a vegan salad

Benefits Of A Vegan Diet

People who follow a plant-based diet tend to live longer, reducing the chance of developing coronary artery disease, diabetes, and cancer. Also, when people go vegan, less land and water are used for cultivation and greenhouse gas emissions are significantly reduced. With a plant-based diet, you’ll find joy in doing what’s best for your body and the planet.

Vegan meals taste great too! Nutritionist Angie Asche MS, RD, LMNT of Eleat Sports Nutrition has set up four vegan meal plans that are not only simple and delicious, but provide the dietary essentials to help you stay fit and balanced.

Low FODMAP meals next to a GoMacro MacroBar

Low FODMAP Vegan Meal Plan

This meal plan is ideal for those following a low FODMAP diet.

Breakfast – Begin your day with a bowl of oatmeal! Start with ½ cup gluten-free rolled oats made with water, add up to 20 blueberries, and a sprinkle of pumpkin or hemp seeds on top. This is a delicious, nutritious way to get the day going.

Snack – Chia pudding is a great snack idea, made with chia seeds and a ¼ cup of unsweetened almond milk. For even more flavor, add a kiwi and a sliced strawberry!

Lunch – A lentil burrito bowl is super yummy. Mix a ½ cup of canned lentils prepared with FODY taco seasoning with brown rice, romaine lettuce, bell peppers, and sliced cherry tomatoes.

Snack – Have a FODMAP friendly snack from GoMacro with a ½ cup of grapes.

Dinner – Enjoy tempeh vegetable stir-fry made with tamari, FODY garlic infused olive oil, brown rice or quinoa, bell peppers, carrots, and broccoli.


Vegan meals next to a GoMacro MacroBar

Vegan Busy Adult Meal Plan

Even though our days can be pretty hectic, we can all make time to enjoy this simple meal plan.

Breakfast – The night before a busy morning, prepare some overnight oats. With your rolled oats, add unsweetened vanilla almond milk, sliced almonds, strawberries, chia seeds, and if you like, some plant-based protein powder. Another great on-the-go morning option is a delicious breakfast protein bar from GoMacro!

Snack – Try a handful of roasted chickpeas with a small portion of baby carrots.

Lunch – Make yourself a tempeh BLT! Start with sprouted grain bread, then add tempeh (vegan) bacon, lettuce, tomato, and some avocado. A side of steamed broccoli nicely completes this yummy combo.

Snack – Have a MacroBar Mini and an apple.

Dinner – Cook up some lentil vegetable chili in the crockpot! If you like, add a few tortilla chips and some avocado on top. This meal is great for leftovers! Also, vegan cornbread goes very well with this dish.

Vegan meals next to a GoMacro MacroBar

Vegan Athlete Meal Plan

Plant-based diets are great for athletes and those dedicated to fitness. Try this meal plan centered around your morning workout routine.

Pre-workout Breakfast – Power up by combining two slices of sprouted grain bread with peanut butter, banana, 100% maple syrup, and cinnamon.

Post-workout Snack – Make a smoothie with leafy greens, coconut water, mango, pineapple, and plant-based protein powder. A few optional ingredients you could add include turmeric, ginger, oats, flax seeds, or almond butter.

Lunch – Enjoy a vegan buddha bowl made with baked tofu, edamame, kale, quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes, and a light drizzle of almond butter or turmeric dressing.

Snack – Have a protein-packed Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip MacroBar and an orange.

Dinner – Go with chickpea & lentil pasta tossed in vegan kale pesto, with sautéed cherry tomatoes, zucchini, and broccoli.

Snack – Grab a handful of homemade trail mix.

Vegan meals for kids next to a GoMacro MacroBar

Vegan Child Meal Plan

It’s never too early to discover the goodness of going plant-based. Here’s a meal plan created specifically for kids.

Breakfast – Two whole grain waffles with 100% maple syrup and a fruit + vegetable smoothie is a great way to start the day.

Lunch – Make a PB&J on sprouted grain bread. Add some carrots, hummus, edamame, blueberries, or trail mix on the side.

Snack – Pack up two clementines (Halos or Cuties) and a Kids MacroBar for the little one!

Dinner – Kids will love homemade crispy tofu nuggets with roasted potatoes, green beans, and unsweetened ketchup.

A special thanks to Angie Asche for providing such simple, fun, nutritious, and super delicious vegan meal ideas! We hope you enjoy these meal plans and incorporate them into your plant-based diet.