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Snacks on the Go

Enjoy on-the-go snacks to fuel your everyday adventures. Whether you’re hitting the trails, stashing snacks in your carryon, or road-tripping across the country, GoMacro MacroBars are the ideal travel snack. Our delicious bars are perfect for grab and go snacking wherever your journey takes you. These MacroBars will help keep you energized and ready to take on whatever the day brings!

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FAQs about Snacks on the Go

  • What are healthy on-the-go snacks?

    GoMacro protein bars are the perfect on-the-go snacks for wherever the adventure leads you. Packed with plant-based goodness, our healthy travel snacks will provide the fuel to help keep the journey going.
  • What are good snacks for long car rides?

    When you're traveling in the car, our 100-calorie snacks and vegan blueberry muffins are good healthy snacks that'll keep the family satisfied and fueled during the long journey.     
  • What is a quick source of protein?

    When you're looking for a healthy, grab-and-go snack that provides a quick source of protein, enjoy an organic, vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO MacroBar.         
  • What is the best food for traveling?

    Nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables like baby carrots are good healthy travel snacks. When you're looking for other healthy snacks on-the-go, GoMacro snack bars and MacroBar Minis provide the proper nutrition needed to sustain the journey.            
  • What are good non perishable snacks?

    If you're searching for good non perishable protein snacks, a few items may include nuts, seeds, grains or dry cereal, trail mix, chickpeas, and certain plant-based foods such as nutritious GoMacro bars.      
  • What are good snacks for camping?

    Along with all your essential camping gear and equipment, make sure to pack up plenty of trail mix, seeds, and our healthy portable snacks to keep you properly satisfied and nourished throughout the camping trip. 
  • What snacks are good for travel?

    When you are traveling, our delicious protein packed snacks provide the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrition to keep you properly fueled throughout your journey.   
  • What snacks are good for airplanes?

    When you're in the air, a MacroBar is a good airplane snack because it's convenient, delicious, nutritious, and is a good source of protein to keep you satisfied throughout your flight.    

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