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Saving Our Forests


Why Our Forests Are Important

Forests play a vital role in sustaining life on our planet. Our world's forests clean the atmosphere by capturing carbon dioxide, providing a home for millions of animal species, and creating oxygen. In fact, the Amazon Rainforest produces roughly 6-9% of the world’s oxygen supply. Yet every second, one and a half acres of rainforest are cut down, often to create products like paper, packaging, and lumber. At GoMacro, we are committed to the conservation and preservation of our forests, as well as projects that help restore and develop these important ecosystems.

What We’re Doing

There are three key ways to combat deforestation: 1) Conservation of forests through reduced consumption, use of recycled forest products, and preservation; 2) Reforestation projects, which seek to restore forest habitats through replanting of harvested trees; 3) Afforestation, which is an effort to plant trees on previously barren lands to compensate for deforestation elsewhere.

As part of our conservation efforts, we helped fund ClimeCo's Envira Amazonia Project to help preserve nearly 500,000 acres of tropical rainforest in Brazil. This project mitigates the release of more than 12.5 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions, while also preserving the habitat for endemic birds and threatened tree species, which directly benefits the local communities.

Through our partnership with ClimeCo, we’ve been able to fully offset our carbon footprint. We have participated in global reforestation projects and helped conserve forests by using 100% post-consumer recycled and compostable trays, recycled cardboard cartons, and corrugated shipping boxes. We further reduce reliance on new forest products by recycling over 80 tons of cardboard each year.

In addition, we actively take part in afforestation efforts. In fact, we have funded the planting of more than 66,000 trees in the Mississippi River Valley basin near the Gulf of Mexico. That’s more than 1,000 acres of forest!

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What’s Next

GoMacro is committed to the Climate Collaborative’s Action Plan, and we continue to incorporate sustainability considerations into every decision. The Climate Collaborative was founded on the belief that businesses have the potential to do more to reverse climate change by working together. Through this initiative, we have made a public pledge to further our commitment to action on energy, packaging, commodity-driven deforestation, and other areas that impact our planet’s forests.

We understand the vital importance of protecting our rainforests and pride ourselves in taking action to help save our planet. When people purchase a MacroBar, they help contribute to the preservation of our planet’s rainforests. This is part of what makes us Bigger Than A Bar!

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Treading Lightly

GoMacro facilities use 100% renewable energy and are 100% carbon neutral.
We’re on the path to becoming zero-waste and landfill-free. Here is our progress so far: