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Solar Power

Why Solar Power Matters

Carbon emissions present a tremendous threat to our planet. Last year, 36.3 billion tons of CO2 gases were emitted into the atmosphere. These pollutants reside in the air we breathe and play a big role in accelerating climate change. At GoMacro, we’re committed to doing our part to help save the planet. We believe that utilizing solar power is a vital part of the equation.

How It Works

Solar panels work by allowing photons, or particles of light, to knock electrons free from atoms, producing a flow of electricity. Panels absorb sunlight with photovoltaic cells, generating direct current (DC) energy and then converting it to usable alternating current (AC) energy with the help of inverter technology. AC energy then flows through the electrical panel and is distributed accordingly.

What We’re Doing

We have 844 solar panels installed on the roof at our facility in Viola, Wisconsin. These panels generate a significant amount of energy and are responsible for almost all of the power used at our facility. In fact, we generate about 40 MWh of solar energy every month.

With an overproduction of solar energy during the day and less production at night, we set out to balance our energy sources for optimum efficiency. To fully utilize our capabilities, we provide our excess solar energy to the local grid, and as the sun goes down, we purchase wind power for night-time usage.

Our entire production facility is powered by 100% renewable energy!

What’s Next

As we expand production, we will continue to lead the way toward a more sustainable future. We hope to inspire other companies to embrace alternative energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

Treading Lightly

GoMacro facilities use 100% renewable energy and are 100% carbon neutral.
We’re on the path to becoming zero-waste and landfill-free. Here is our progress so far: