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Wind Energy

Why Wind Energy Matters

At GoMacro, we believe in a greener future. In the US, only 11% of energy comes from clean, renewable sources, while the remainder is derived from nonrenewable sources such as coal, oil, and nuclear power. For the betterment of our planet, it’s crucial that we move toward utilizing cleaner energy sources. Wind power offers a sustainable energy option; it’s clean, safe, and doesn’t pollute the air, soil, or water. It makes perfect sense to use the energy nature gives us for our food production.

How It Works

When the heat of the earth's surface is uneven, air mass is put into motion. As warm air rises, cooler air moves in to take its place, creating wind. Most wind energy is generated from turbines as tall as a 20-story building with three 200-foot-long blades. Wind direction determines the design of the turbine - upwind turbines face the wind while downwind turbines face away. The energy in the wind turns the three blades around a rotor connected to the main shaft, which spins a generator to convert kinetic energy into electricity.

What We’re Doing

GoMacro has invested time and resources to bring renewable wind energy to our facility and to the Village of Viola, the town where our headquarters is located. This means that every Viola business and home is 100% powered by renewable energy without impact on their energy bill.

At our facility, we balance our energy resources by using solar power during the day and utilizing wind at night. By combining wind energy with solar capabilities, our entire production is powered by 100% renewable energy!

What’s Next

As we expand production, we will continue to utilize wind energy technology to help power our facility in Viola, Wisconsin. By successfully leading the effort to bring renewable wind energy to our entire municipality, we hope to inspire other companies to make a positive impact on the planet both inside and outside their doors

Treading Lightly

Our GoMacro facility uses 100% renewable energy and is 100% carbon neutral.
We’re on the path to becoming zero-waste and landfill-free. Here is our progress so far: