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Breaking Cancer Barriers with The Keep A Breast Foundation

The Keep A Breast Foundation was founded in response to the absence of breast cancer programs which emphasized preventative measures. My friends were being diagnosed with breast cancer in their 20s, without any comprehension of how early in life the disease could strike.

When I realized that only 10 percent of breast cancer diagnoses stem from genetics and a whopping 90 percent are rooted from environmental toxins / lifestyle choices, I knew there was an even bigger conversation to be had.

The choices we make every day, from putting on deodorant to choosing to eat plant-based foods are small ways we can become our own health advocates. Time and time again we’ve discovered the power we all have over our own health and wellbeing.

Eating a clean plant-based diet, including plant-based protein bars, is one of the most powerful ways to prevent cancer and other harmful diseases. There are many things you can do to impact your health in a positive way related to food; avoid processed foods, keep alcohol to a minimum, and indulge in plant-based dieting. Always check your labels and stick to whole foods that do not contain artificial ingredients.

Some studies have shown that just 30 minutes of exercise 3-5 times a week can lower your risk of breast cancer by 30-50 percent. Hiking and many other cardiovascular activities release adrenaline and endorphins, which can decrease tension, anxiety, and blood pressure levels. Increasing your activity levels will leave you feeling better physically, which will in turn improve your overall health.


It’s equally as important to keep our mind clear and nourished. Eating clean and exercising may have a more obvious impact on your physical health, but our mind is a powerful thing. If you find yourself living a super fast-paced daily life, remember to slow down for yourself and decompress. Long-term stress can open the door for any disease.

Practicing self care tactics like digital detoxes, getting adequate sleep, socializing regularly, and living an overall mindful life are just as important as eating well & exercising. Small, simple changes can make a huge difference in our overall wellness & we hope that we can continue to share how powerful we are individually are in our fight to prevent diseases from spreading.

To learn more about the many ways you can begin your health & wellness journey & ways you can live a long and cancer free life, visit, and download the Keep A Breast Check Yourself! app on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Early detection is the key and prevention is the cure.