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Celebrating Our 20th Anniversary & Milestones Along the Way

The start of 2024 is more than just another new year here at GoMacro®. It marks our 20th Anniversary! It’s exciting and humbling to celebrate two decades of crafting delicious, plant-based bars – and making a positive impact on both people and the planet in the process. From our unique beginnings in the family farmhouse kitchen to becoming a nationally recognized brand, our journey is a testament to the unwavering commitment of the GoMacro Team and the community of supporters who have believed in our mission from day one.

How It Started

Sometimes life’s greatest challenges plant seeds that blossom into the greatest impact. Our roots as a company trace back to a pivotal moment in the lives of our Co-Founders, mother-daughter duo Amelia and Jola. The year before GoMacro’s founding in 2004, Amelia was met with a breast cancer diagnosis. In addition to a local lumpectomy, the family embraced a macrobiotic, plant-based lifestyle to support her healing journey. About a year after her lumpectomy and many months committed to a clean diet, Amelia began experimenting with healthy treat recipes that used wholesome, macrobiotic ingredients. When Jola and her husband, Alex, tried one particularly delicious batch of Amelia’s bars, they had an “aha!” moment. Alex expressed that there must be a market for something that tastes so incredible and supports a healthy lifestyle.

“The moment Alex said, ‘you should go out and sell these,’ … something clicked,” says Jola. “It was then that I realized that was the purpose. That was the good that was going to come out of this.”

Fueled by their belief in the transformative power of a balanced, plant-based diet, they started laying the groundwork to begin and grow GoMacro – but the process came with its fair share of challenges. Neither Amelia nor Jola had professional experience in the food industry, but thanks to their mission, products, and a lot of hard work, word began to spread about GoMacro. In the early days, they took a road trip up the coast of California with a trunk full of bars. They stopped at nearly every health food store between San Diego and San Francisco and went home with orders from 70 stores – many of which still carry GoMacro products today.

After that, GoMacro slowly expanded into select Whole Foods regions along with other large, natural grocery chains. Before we knew it, GoMacro was being sought after by national natural food retailers, and eventually even retailers in the conventional food channel!

The Original MacroBar® Line

Along with longtime bestseller Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, GoMacro MacroBars® officially launched with four flavors, including Granola + Coconut, Cherries + Berries, and the now-discontinued Almond Butter + Carob. These flavors, crafted with care and intention, laid the foundation for GoMacro’s success. As Jola reflects, “We are so proud to create delicious, plant-based bars that nourish so many people. More than that, however, we’re proud of the positive impact we’ve made when it comes to health, sustainability, and giving back.”

Building the Facility in Viola

The decision to build our facility in Viola, Wisconsin was more than just a business move. After all, a Midwest town with less than 700 residents might seem like an unlikely choice for a natural food startup! Originally, Amelia actually moved to Viola with the intention of retiring and becoming a homesteader on the family farm. As the company grew, however, it was only fitting to move the GoMacro headquarters off her property where it all began to just down the road. In Viola, we not only found a location for production but also a home that matched our values. It’s an honor being part of such a great community of farmers, foodies, and people who care about supporting local businesses.

Alongside the establishment of our headquarters, we began building the team that helped take GoMacro to the next level as a company. In fact, several key members of our team, such as Tony, our Senior Vice President of Operations; Paige, the Chief Executive Assistant; and Tracy, our Online Order Fulfillment Lead, have been with us from the earliest years of GoMacro, embodying the spirit of dedication and loyalty in our team.

Growing GoMacro

Those years of dedication to doing things the right way, even when it was the more difficult way, have led to substantial steady growth. Today, GoMacro has 15 departments, encompassing a total of 228 employees. You can find GoMacro online, in natural and conventional grocers, and convenience stores nationwide! In fact, MacroBars have become the #1 best-selling bar in the natural channel*, and are quickly expanding to and growing in mass, grocery, convenience, and club channels. In 2023 alone, over 55 million MacroBars were sold – more than 5.5 million of which were Give Back Bars®. This growth isn’t just about numbers to us, but rather a testament to our community and commitment to doing things "The GoMacro Way™."

"It’s incredible to think that a recipe made in our kitchen 20 years ago has been enjoyed by millions of people;” says Amelia, “not only have we hopefully made a positive impact on many lives with delicious, plant-based bars, but we’ve also helped make the world better through sustainability and giving back.”

Our Vision for the Future

As we celebrate the last 20 years, we also see our foundation as a guide to what’s to come. While we will continue to grow and evolve, our decisions will always be guided by Our 5 Principles, a commitment to sustainability, giving back, and sharing the joy of a balanced, plant-based lifestyle.

"20 years ago, we never could have imagined what GoMacro would become and the ways it would touch so many lives," says Jola. “It’s a privilege to share the power of a balanced, plant-based lifestyle with millions of people and we never take that for granted; we put our heart and soul into every element of GoMacro, and we couldn’t be prouder of the outcome.”

As we embark on the next 20 years, we carry the lessons of the past with us, fueled by the same values that ignited the GoMacro journey – a journey we are excited to continue with you, our cherished community. Thank you for 20 years of unwavering support, here’s to many more!

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