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Sustainably Grown Almonds

How the organic almonds for our vegan protein bars are sustainably grown and sourced.

Founders Amelia Kirchoff, Jola Sonkin, and daughter Mila picking through almonds

At GoMacro, we are committed to using sustainably sourced ingredients in our vegan protein bars. By choosing growers and suppliers that take an organic approach, we ensure that we meet our high standards of quality, safety, sustainability, and food integrity.

In keeping with our mission, we solely work with those who share this commitment to responsible growing practices all over the world. Through our partners at Once Again Nut Butter, we source our sustainably grown almonds from Sicily.


Where Almond Goodness Is Grown

The southern region of Italy is ideal for growing almonds. Caltanissetta, Agrigento (from the Latin root words “field and family”), and Syracuse, are particularly fertile ground for cultivation. The Mediterranean climate in southern Italy enriches the soil with nutrients to help grow the trees that produce our almonds.

Fun location fact…

Almonds were first cultivated in the Middle East and brought to southern Italy before 1000 B.C. According to Italian lore, almonds are believed to bring good luck, making this nut popular at weddings and baptisms.


Organic Growing Practices

All of our almonds are 100% organically grown. During the planting stage, our growers topdress the soil with a generous mulch of well-rotted organic matter. Keeping almond trees dry under sheeting prevents leaf curl and rotting fruit. At harvest, nuts are knocked down, peeled, and then dried. A healthy almond tree will bear for ten to fifteen years or more.


Our Trip To Italy

We value the relationships we’ve built with our organic food suppliers, including Damiano Organics, our Italian almond grower. A close relationship with our growers and suppliers ensures that the quality of our almonds will be unsurpassed, uncompromised, and sourced responsibly. This inspired our 4,000-mile journey to the golden fields of Italy.

Upon arrival, we visited the Damiano family’s organic almond farm. Here, we talked to their farmers about the organic almond growing process, met their families, witnessed a harvest, helped gather newly-fallen almonds off the ground, and walked the bountiful rows of almond trees.

Here’s a taste of our experience:


Three Generations, One Mission

At GoMacro, Amelia, Jola, and her daughter Mila, continue to carry out a family mission to support responsible growing practices around the world. The trip was an opportunity to connect with incredible people, and to be assured that the organic process will continue to bear almond goodness for generations to come!

Thank you again to our partners and friends at Once Again Nut Butter and Damiano Organics!