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The GoMacro Way™

At GoMacro®, our mission is to spread awareness for a balanced, plant-based lifestyle. We are dedicated to our farmers, sustainable sourcing, and making a positive impact on the planet. The GoMacro Way is the framework for how we live out that goal and bring our mission to life across the company.

What is The GoMacro Way?

The GoMacro Way is to be authentic, ethical, and dependable. We operate with integrity, we create with passion, and we conduct ourselves with humility. At GoMacro, we are a team of unique individuals that act as a family. We work together, we learn from one another, we share knowledge, and we help each other to be better people.

The GoMacro Way isn’t only about how we run our business, but also how we strive to live as individuals, in our communities, and in our families. It’s not about perfection or achieving one specific goal, rather, it’s an ongoing journey to keep improving, holding ourselves accountable, and setting our standards higher.

GoMacro started small with a large purpose. As we have grown over the last 19 years and counting, we’ve kept that mentality. The little steps, the small tweaks, and the attention to detail continue to amount to huge progression. The GoMacro Way means to keep moving, even when there is a challenge before us. We have learned the power of perseverance and what can be accomplished when talented people come together, all working with a unified purpose and the following common core values:

  • Maintain authenticity in all that we do
  • Prioritize mental, physical, and emotional health
  • Remain aware that our actions have a direct impact on the environment
  • Seek opportunities to show generosity internally and externally

How GoMacro Integrates The GoMacro Way

While our team recently came together to put words to The GoMacro Way, it’s a reflection of how we have always conducted ourselves as a company and as individuals. When our founders, mother-daughter team Amelia and Jola, started GoMacro, neither had professional experience in the natural foods or consumer goods industries. In fact, holistic health and natural foods weren’t even mainstream when they began selling MacroBars®. However, Jola and Amelia had a product they believed in, and they knew it would fulfill a wide variety of dietary and lifestyle needs without sacrificing on deliciousness.

By taking small steps, asking questions, educating customers, and hiring people with shared values and ambition – not just skill sets, GoMacro’s products and mission began to spread. Jola and Amelia grew the business slowly and intentionally, leaning into the challenges and never compromising on their high standards for taste, quality, and sustainability across their ingredients, sourcing, and manufacturing practices. As the company has continued to expand, we’ve stayed true to these founding values – even when it means taking the long way, passing up opportunities, or having to dig a little deeper for the right solutions.

The GoMacro Way In Action

Across departments and teams, The GoMacro Way helps us work with a unified purpose and core mission. In the words of department leads, here are the ways in which each team operates in The GoMacro Way:

  • Purchasing: In the Purchasing Department, we are not just buying ingredients or packaging, we are investing in values that align with GoMacro's mission. With The GoMacro Way in mind, we never skimp on quality for a price break or simpler method. We embark on ethical and long-term partnerships with our suppliers, working as a team to provide the best MacroBars, from our raw ingredients to our finished product.
  • Accounting: The Accounting Department embodies The GoMacro Way by being approachable, honest, supportive, and hard-working. We prioritize accuracy and dependability so that both our internal team members and our external partners can rely on us for timely and accurate information and reporting.
  • Research and Development: The GoMacro Way can be seen in the Research + Development Department by our high level of standards. We are steadfast in our pursuit of the perfect product. We only use the highest-quality ingredients that are trusted and known by our customers. We strive to always uphold our mission and produce new products that are healthy, delicious, and sustainable.
  • Production: The Production Department embodies The GoMacro Way by being reliable, responsible, quality-focused, and fully engaged. Our people are the cornerstone of production. We work hard at training all employees so we can make a quality product, run efficiently by reducing downtime, and maintain a safe working environment for everyone. GoMacro’s exceptional products are an outcome of the hard work, passion, and dedication that comes from the team within.
  • Quality: The GoMacro Way for the Quality Department can be distilled into its simplest form: consistency and food safety. Our team members exemplify a unified sense of energy that radiates across the entire company and puts quality at the forefront of providing a safe and consistent product. Maintaining a food safety culture at GoMacro is an essential and collaborative effort that has an impact far beyond our facility walls.
  • Engineering: The Engineering Department is rooted in The GoMacro Way by embracing innovation and working inclusively across the organization. We are continually striving to apply technical solutions that will generate positive outcomes for our customers, our employees, and our business. It is imperative that our equipment runs smoothly, seamlessly, and sustainably.
  • Sanitation: The Sanitation Department represents The GoMacro Way by being a lesser-known entity that keeps the plant running. With a clean and sanitary line, we ensure that our team and consumers are safe. Our customers trust that our high-quality products come from a facility with the same high-quality cleaning standards. It is not just a matter of sanitizing, it’s a matter of protecting our brand.
  • Maintenance: The Maintenance Department embodies The GoMacro Way by providing quick, dependable solutions. We ensure sustainability within the organization’s operations by seeking continuous improvements and best practices for measurable and consistent growth throughout the business.
  • Human Resources: Through strategic partnerships and collaboration, the Human Resources Department recruits, develops, and retains a high-performing, diverse workforce by fostering a healthy, safe, and productive work environment for employees.
  • Sales: The Sales Department exemplifies our dedication to The GoMacro Way by creating “win-win” partnerships based on trust, respect, thoughtful communication, and collaboration. We are committed to continued growth and profitability through efficient, researched, and data-focused planning and preparation. We strive for balance, integrity, graciousness, and transparency with stakeholders. We embrace the highest standard of ethics with our GoMacro family and business partners established in honor, dignity, and compassion.
  • Marketing: The Marketing Department embodies The GoMacro Way by engaging with our retailers and consumers in a consistent, clear, and authentic way that evokes our values. By generating high-quality work, we strive to ensure that all touchpoints, both internally and externally, accurately reflect and support the GoMacro mission.
  • Cartoning: The Cartoning Department exudes The GoMacro Way by meeting various cartoning demands as quickly as possible, while upholding GoMacro’s reputation for high standards. We do this by performing a crucial and unifying step that brings our product closer to the hands of our consumers. Our team works hard to produce high-quality end products that our customers appreciate.
  • Warehouse and Logistics: The Warehouse + Logistics Department embodies The GoMacro Way by providing excellent communication and timely, reliable service to internal and external partners. We ensure materials and goods are where they need to be when they need to be there. We provide ownership, traceability, and handling of all GoMacro goods and materials from pickup, to storage, to processing, to fulfillment, and ultimately to delivery.
  • eCommerce: The eCommerce + Website Department embraces The GoMacro Way by striving to ensure that our customers and outside partners receive their products and packages in a timely, professional manner. We work hard to make sure that our customers experience more than just a package; they experience a feeling of care and inspiration.
  • Customer Care: The Customer Care Department expresses The GoMacro Way by providing exceptional support whenever and wherever it is necessary. We do this by displaying empathy, compassion, and patience with our customers, internal team members, and partners on a daily basis.

While all of our individual roles may be different, they each contribute to our mission when guided by The GoMacro Way. As an organization, we strive for high-level, frequent, and clear communication, both internally and externally. We are goal-oriented with a willingness to grow, to be open-minded, and to seek continuous improvement. The GoMacro Way is an infinite journey that we are proud to be on.

In the words of our CEO and Co-Founder, Jola Sonkin, “I hope The GoMacro Way is not only a guidebook for GoMacro but also an inspiration to people in their personal lives.” We are so grateful for all of our customers and consumers on this journey with us and look forward to seeing where The GoMacro Way takes us next!