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Supplier Spotlight: GoMacro's® Partnership with Ancient Brands Milling + Doguet’s Rice Milling Company

If you love the crispy bite of organic puffed brown rice in your favorite MacroBars®, you can thank our partners at Ancient Brands Milling. GoMacro is proud to support suppliers who are setting the standard for responsible growing practices, and Ancient Brands exemplifies many of the values we look for when choosing suppliers.

Meet Ancient Brands Milling

When Ancient Brands was founded in 2016 by Timothy and Patrick Hemminger, the brothers had one idea in mind: to provide healthy foods for their families. Today, they not only provide for their own families, but also for those of their employees, their community at large, and families all over the country – including GoMacro customers!

Based in Dyersville, Iowa – just 100 miles from GoMacro’s Wisconsin headquarters – Ancient Brands processes a variety of gluten-free, allergen-free, organic, and non-GMO puffed grains. They specialize in sourcing the highest quality, sustainably grown ancient grains from around the country and are passionate about supporting organic grain farmers.

Prior to making its way to Ancient Brands to become the deliciously crispy puffs you know and love, the brown rice has to be grown and sourced. Ancient Brands sources the organic brown rice used in MacroBars from family-owned Doguet’s Rice, which became the first certified organic rice mill in Texas over 35 years ago. Like all GoMacro ingredient sources, Doguet’s underwent a rigorous process to ensure they met our standards for quality and sustainability. Not only did they meet our operational standards, but the company also shares our passion for giving back, regularly donating to their local community through food banks. We’re grateful for Doguet’s, and to be able to source our ingredients from companies who are committed to using business for a greater purpose.

Last harvest season, some members of the GoMacro team had the opportunity to visit with the Doguet’s and Ancient Brands teams at the Doguet’s farm in Beaumont, Texas, where they spent a day touring the grounds and facilities and learning about organic growing, harvesting, and milling standards and processes. They even got to try their hand at driving the harvesting tractors! Here are some moments that were captured:

Women sitting in a tractor

Protein bar being held up in front of rice field

Group of people standing in a field

Why Organic Puffed Brown Rice?

GoMacro’s recipes originated in Co-Founder Amelia’s kitchen during her battle with breast cancer. To support her healing process, she and her daughter, Jola, began following a plant-based macrobiotic diet, which encourages regular consumption of brown rice. Thanks to its rich nutrient and mineral profile, organic brown rice became a key ingredient in GoMacro products. Like all of our ingredients, our puffed brown rice is Certified Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Non-GMO, and C.L.E.A.N.

We’re proud to partner with Ancient Brands Milling and Doguet’s Rice to bring the highest quality, sustainably grown, and locally milled ingredients to your favorite MacroBars. Choosing suppliers who share our values is one more way that we create nutrition bars that you can feel good about enjoying and sharing with your loved ones.