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Certified Organic is Just One of Our Certifications

Our high quality and sourcing standards ensure our nutrition bars are good for you and our planet.

At GoMacro we don’t compromise on quality. We have high standards and believe in feeling good about what we eat: how it tastes, how it’s made and how it sustains the environment. So we source the highest quality ingredients to put in our MacroBars, and leave out all the stuff that doesn't match up to our standards. Certified Organic is just one of GoMacro's certifications. Read on to learn more about our certifications.

Certified Organic

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GoMacro uses USDA Certified Organic ingredients in all of our MacroBars, which are safer for your body and for the Earth. Each ingredient is grown organically, free of pesticides and herbicides. We support organic because organic foods help to promote ecological balance, enhance soil and water quality and protect endangered species. GoMacro products are certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI) meeting the regulations of the United States Department of Agriculture. The United States Department of Agriculture sets the standards for organic food production and certification guarantees that a grower or company is in compliance with these standards. Synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, irradiation and genetic engineering may not be used. These standards state that chemically based cleansers may not be used on any equipment or in our production facility. GoMacro MacroBars also have organic equivalency in Europe under the US-EU Organic Equivalency Arrangement.

Non-GMO Project Verified


At GoMacro we say NO to GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Our bars are verified non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project, which means that all of our bars and our ingredients contain no genetically modified organisms. We're devoted to a non-GMO policy because we believe in living in balance with nature, and ourselves, creating products that have a positive effect on the world. Our mission is to create wholesome food options for healthy people and a healthy planet. Non-GMO certification requires on-going testing of all at risk ingredients. On-going testing is important to be sure our suppliers are always in compliance with the non-GMO standards. Get informed and learn more about the Non-GMO Project non-profit. They're doing great work educating consumers and providing non-GMO food choices. GoMacro is proud to be Non-GMO Project Verified.

Certified Vegan

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Certified vegan tells you that no meat, dairy, eggs, honey or other animal by-products are ever used in any GoMacro products. It also guarantees that no animal testing has been done on any products or ingredients that we use.  To use the vegan certification logo, our MacroBars must meet the standards of the Vegan Awareness Foundation. The logo helps consumers to quickly recognize vegan products on the shelf and trust that it is vegan without having to read the ingredients label. Learn more at Vegan Action. We want you to feel comfortable eating our MacroBars, and to know that we care about animals and the Earth as much as you do.

Certified Gluten-Free

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Gluten-free products are not just the latest fad; they are a necessity for people who have gluten intolerance, IBS or celiac disease. Eating gluten may cause constipation, bloating, diarrhea and malnutrition in some people. Because of the importance of this, the USDA has set a standard of 20 ppm (parts per million) for gluten-free products. The Gluten-Free Certification Organization has set an even higher standard of 10 ppm. They inspect all products and manufacturing facilities for gluten. In addition, they test random samples to ensure compliance.

Certified Kosher

Being certified kosher means that our MacroBars do not contain any animal products or byproducts and that none have been tested on animals. Another important aspect of kosher certification is cleanliness. Kosher products need to be prepared in a clean, sanitized and bug free space.  All ingredients need to be properly covered and pass factory inspections. GoMacro MacroBars are certified kosher by Orthodox Union (Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations in America). Check out their website to learn more.

There is a saying in German, Man ist was man isst!  It translates into man is what man eats. This is one of our mottos. Next time you open a MacroBar take a look at the back of the label and you’ll see all of our certifications. You can trust that your MacroBar is a high quality, organic product that's good for your body and good for the planet!