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Mint Chocolate Chip: Behind the Bar

The flavor so many GoMacro® fans have been eagerly awaiting has finally joined the lineup! Crisp mint meets creamy chocolate for a Cool Endeavor™ that refreshes and soothes the soul. Our Mint Chocolate Chip MacroBar® combines 11 grams of plant-based protein with organic cashew butter and a touch of peppermint for the chillest companion...wherever you go!

Available in both full-size and MacroBar® Minis, Mint Chocolate Chip is Certified Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free, Kosher, Non-GMO, C.L.E.A.N., and Soy-Free.

So what was going on behind-the-scenes for nearly two years to bring this Cool Endeavor to shelves? Here’s a look at what it takes to make a MacroBar.

Mint Chocolate Chip MacroBar

Why Mint Chocolate Chip?

When it comes to launching new MacroBar flavors, our Innovation Team considers many factors. What flavor profiles would complement or fill gaps in our current lineup? What does market demand show us? Most importantly, what are our customers requesting and most excited to try?

Based on our research and feedback from our community, the results were clear: Mint Chocolate Chip was the ideal addition to the MacroBar family!

Innovation & Recipe Development

With the flavor decided, the most important part of the process began: recipe development. Many food brands work with outside labs to create their recipes, but at GoMacro, we have an entire in-house team dedicated to Food Safety, Quality Assurance, and Research & Development. This allows us complete control over every aspect of the process, from ingredient sourcing to flavor development to testing.

New ingredients are carefully sourced, and as each version of a recipe is created, a dedicated approval team receives samples to taste. As they try the latest version, each sampler fills out a questionnaire for the R&D Team to gauge how closely it aligns with the concept (and, of course, how tasty it is).

To find that delicious balance of rich chocolate and cool mint flavor, our R&D Team tested an impressive 49 iterations of the recipe! This included considering 21 mint variations and 18 potential complementary flavors, such as vanilla and coffee.

This process took many months, but those little tweaks made a big difference! The final recipe delivers GoMacro’s signature soft, chewy texture with a deliciously fresh and chocolatey flavor.

Wrapping it Up

While the R&D Team put the final touches on the flavor, the Marketing Team was hard at work naming the bar and designing the packaging.

The mosaics printed on MacroBar wrappers are always presented in a shape related to their corresponding flavor. If you look closely, you’ll notice elements that inspired Cool Endeavor, such as snowflakes, an igloo, and a mint leaf. You’ll also spot symbols representing each of Our 5 Principles. For example, the hand pictured in the mosaic symbolizes our commitment to “Give Back,” while the footprint represents our environmental promise to “Tread Lightly.”

Every MacroBar also adopts its own unique color palette so that you can easily spot your go-to flavor at a glance. For Mint Chocolate Chip, we chose shades of green that speak to the minty flavor profile, but still feel distinctly “GoMacro.”

Finally, along with the descriptive product name (“Mint Chocolate Chip”), every flavor receives a “romance name” that reflects the love and attention we put into each bar. We believe food isn’t just ingredients, but also something that nourishes our bodies and brings us joy. The romance name “Cool Endeavor” is a nod to the refreshing flavor and how we created this MacroBar to be the chillest companion for all your adventures.

From start to finish, Mint Chocolate Chip took 528 days to develop – and once you taste it, we have a feeling you’ll see why it was worth the wait. You can shop our newest flavor at or use our Store Locator to find a retailer near you!