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Celebrating International Women’s Day

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As a proudly mother-daughter owned company, we are inspired daily by the women on the GoMacro®️ team and in our lives. Being female-founded has connected us with so many other incredible women making positive changes in their industries. Supporting women-owned businesses is a powerful way to celebrate this Women’s Day and beyond.

Mother-Daughter Founded

Sometimes the greatest challenges reveal our greatest opportunities to make lasting impacts. For GoMacro Co-Founders Amelia and Jola, that challenge came in the form of Amelia’s 2003 breast cancer diagnosis. In addition to a local lumpectomy, Amelia switched her diet, incorporating healthier, whole foods grown mostly on her Wisconsin farm to support her journey to health. Her daughter, Jola, also adopted the new diet, joining her in support. Eventually, Amelia achieved recovery.

After many months committed to a clean diet, the mother-daughter duo found that there weren’t many wholesome dessert options on the market that fit their nutritional needs and satisfied their sweet tooth. This led Amelia to start experimenting with special, better-for-you cookies and bars — and soon enough, GoMacro was born.

“It was then that I realized that was the purpose,” said Jola. “That was the good that was going to come out of this.”

Fueled by their belief in the transformative power of a balanced, plant-based diet, they started laying the groundwork to grow the company. Neither Amelia nor Jola had professional experience in the food industry, but thanks to their mission, products, strong team, and a lot of hard work, word began to spread about GoMacro. In the years since, GoMacro has grown from selling MacroBars®️ in local food co-ops to making plant-based nutrition bars accessible nationwide, becoming the #1 best-selling bar* in the natural channel.

Today, we’re proud to say we’re still mother-daughter owned, with Jola leading the company as CEO. We honor the commitment our female founders made to build their business a different way - the GoMacro Way™. It means we do things the right way, putting people and the planet first, and never compromising when it comes to ingredients. It hasn't always been easy, but it's made all the difference!

While we recognize and appreciate the unique value being a women-founded, women-owned business has brought GoMacro, there’s still lots of work to be done to ensure that women in business are empowered, supported, and equal.

Did You Know...

  • In 2023, women-owned nearly 40% of US businesses, but women-founded startups received only 2% of all venture capital funds.
  • For years, the share of Fortune 500 companies led by female CEOs has been stuck around 8%, only reaching 10% last year.
  • However, businesses with gender-diverse executive teams are 25% more likely to have above-average profitability.
  • Women entrepreneurs in the US rank their happiness nearly 3x that of women who are not business owners.
  • Thankfully, women start approximately 849 new businesses every single day in the United States. Over the past two decades, the number of women-owned firms has increased 114%!

Shop Women-Owned

Looking for a great way to celebrate Women’s Day? Here are some incredible female-founded or female-run brands to support this International Women’s Day:


Feminine Care

Clothing + Accessories


Food + Drink

Technology (products + services)

Get Involved: Support Women in Business

Supporting women-owned businesses is a great way to celebrate International Women’s Day – but it’s not the only way! Consider donating to organizations focused on female entrepreneurship. Share your favorite women-owned brands on socials or leave positive reviews. Be a mentor to young women in your community or workplace. Advocate for flexible work policies and accessible childcare to allow women to advance their careers while balancing family time. Together, we can all uplift women in business, support economic empowerment for all, and help build vibrant communities.

*SPINSscan Natural, Total US Natural Channel, 52 wks ending 7/16/2023, Wellness Bars & Gels.