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How to Make an Upcycled Planter Using GoMacro Trays

This year, most of us aren’t spending Earth Day immersed in nature, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a little green indoors. After you’ve finished off your last MacroBar, you can keep the good times rolling by giving our compostable trays a new life as an upcycled planter. Tuck in a few succulents or herbs to live on your windowsill, or use the trays for sprouting some fruit or veggie seeds. The whole tray can then be easily transferred right into a planter or garden once ready. So, grab some soil and let’s get planting!


Step 1: Gather your supplies

All you’ll need is an empty GoMacro tray (just peel off the label), soil (preferably organic), and the plants of your choice. A few good options: succulents, jade (you can even propagate it from another jade plant), aloe, basil, rosemary, chives, lavender, or veggie seeds, such as tomato,that can be transferred to a planter or the ground later in the spring.

Step 2: Fill your tray with soil

Time to get your hands dirty! Fill your GoMacro tray halfway with potting soil. Pack it in and level the soil surface.

Step 3: Place your plants or seeds in the tray

If you’re using plants, remove them from their original containers, loosen roots with your fingers slightly if needed, and place plants in the tray. If you’re starting vegetable or flower seeds, check the seed packet for instructions on how deep to plant the seeds to allow proper germination. Be sure to give each plant plenty of space to grow.

Step 4: Top it off with soil and water

Add a bit of extra soil to keep your plants secure, or cover your seeds with soil according to the instructions on the seed packet. Water your plants enough to moisten the soil. If you’re using seeds, give them a more thorough watering 1-2 times a day to encourage germination. Tip: You may want to water them outdoors, in a sink or with a tray underneath, to catch water that soaks through.

Step 5: Marvel in your creation

You just turned a GoMacro tray into an upcycled planter and added a little more green into your life!

Optional Step 6: Transplant to pot or garden

If you used your tray to start seeds or just want to move your plants to a more permanent spot, dig a hole slightly larger and deeper than the tray. Place the tray in the hole and dampen with water. Fill in the space around the plant and pat down to secure, then water thoroughly. Your tray will break down over time and your plants can thrive in their new home!