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Bigger Than A Bar

Committed to helping you live a balanced, sustainable, plant-based lifestyle - one delicious, vegan nutrition bar at a time.

GoMacro Peanut Butter Macrobar

Since 2004 GoMacro has been building a Bar company that brings positive impact. We believe the small choices can add up to big change.

A Bigger Story

We have a big story. It's about a mother-daughter team using diet and lifestyle changes to fight cancer. And winning. It's about wanting to share that transformative power of a plant-based lifestyle to help others. It's about keeping the family spirit in everything we do. It's about sustainable farming and being certified organic, vegan, gluten-free, Kosher, non-GMO, and C.L.E.A.N. It's about feeling good about what you eat and spreading that feeling by giving back. And it’s about food that tastes really really good. This is our story. A story bigger than a bar. A story big enough to make positive changes in people, and the planet. It’s a story that we hope inspires something big in your story too.

Made with 100% Renewable Energy

We believe that foods that are closer to the earth and less processed are healthier for the body and soul. We use wind and solar energy to power our production. We also take actions to offset 100% of our carbon footprint by executing a variety of programs at our production facility in Viola, WI. We utilize LED lighting in our warehouse and parking lot and use occupancy sensors to only use lighting when rooms are being used. In addition, we are working with Sustainable Engineering Group to attain our LEED certification. Read More

Sustainably Grown Ingredients

The quality of our ingredients is our top priority. We carefully select fresh, wholesome and delicious ingredients. Everything is 100% plant-based, coming from organic and non-GMO certified growers who follow sustainable farming practices. To reduce food waste in our production facility, we donate food scraps to local farms to be repurposed as animal feed. We also have an internal composting program, encouraging employees to properly dispose of food waste in our breakrooms. Read More

Plant-Based Nutrition

We believe in the power of a plant-based lifestyle. It’s our mission to raise rawareness of the many benefits eating mostly plants can bring to the environment and to our health. Eating should make you happy! Choose delicious meals and snacks based upon whole plant foods and find the joy of knowing you are doing the best you can for your body and for the planet. Read More

Mother-Daughter Owned

We started GoMacro when our co-founder, Amelia, used a plant-based, sustainable diet to help her overcome her battle with breast cancer. Her daughter, Jola, also adopted the diet and it transformed her health and vitality. What started in a farmhouse kitchen as a mother and daughter team, has grown into a top-selling, plant-based nutrition bar company. We remain dedicated to our farmers, our people and creating clean products for a better future. Read More

Giving Back

We believe in helping build a stronger, healthier communities through giving back. Paying it forward has a unique way of creating a chain reaction of awesome, world-changing goodness. Our hope is that the more people we give to, the more it will inspire others to give back. We designated 3 of our MacroBars as Give Back Bars with a portion of their proceeds going to four amazing community organizations: Feeding America, Solutions For Change, Farm Sanctuary, and Keep A Breast Foundation. Click here to learn more about the organizations that we support. Read More

Join us on our journey of positive change, follow us on social media, join our email list, and follow our blog to stay updated on how you can make an impact on our planet, and your health.