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Behind the Bar - An Inside Look at What's on a GoMacro Wrapper

We talk a lot about the delicious plant-based ingredients inside our MacroBars – but in this case, what’s on the outside counts, too! It’s tempting to dive right into your favorite snack, but before you enjoy your next MacroBar, take a moment to check out what’s on our wrappers.

GoMacro MacroBar protein purity being handed to someone

Lots of thought and care goes into our packaging, both to ensure you can find a snack that suits your needs and to help you feel the love, care, and thought that goes into every batch of MacroBars we make.

Here’s an inside look at what’s behind the words and symbols you see on our wrappers – and some that you may not have noticed before!

On the Front


The mosaic images on the front left side of the bar are always presented in a shape that’s related to the flavor. For example, Banana + Almond Butter has a banana-shaped mosaic and Dark Chocolate + Almonds has an almond-shaped mosaic. But the real magic is found when you look closer. Each mosaic is made up of many hidden elements that inspired the flavor, and were thought of when our team was working on the final recipe.

Every mosaic also contains icons that represent our 5 Principles. These symbols can also be found on the back of the wrapper; see if you can spot them in the mosaics the next time you’re snacking!

Two Flavor Names

Each of our flavors has a “romance name,” such as “Smooth Sanctuary” and a more descriptive name, like “Double Chocolate + Peanut Butter Chips” so you can get a sense of both what’s inside and the purpose and inspiration behind the flavor. Anyone on the GoMacro team is able to submit ideas for our new flavor name, then a small team led by our Co-Founder and CEO, Jola, decides.

On the Back

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that you can find nutrition facts and the ingredient list on the top back side of your MacroBar wrapper – after all, those are the main FDA requirements on a food label!

Although the nutrition facts are listed first, in the words of Angie Asche MS, RD, CSSD, “It is more important to know where your calories, carbohydrates, fat, etc. are coming from than just the numbers.” You can learn all about how to read a nutrition facts label, and if you ever have questions about MacroBar ingredients, our FAQ is a great place to start!

Identifying Allergens

We understand how crucial it is for those with food allergies and sensitivities to easily identify any potential hazards on the ingredient list. Per FDA regulations, all potential allergens are bolded within the ingredient list on the back of our bars. In addition, our nut-free flavors have a special label on top right side of the front label specifying them as “Nut-Free.”

All MacroBar flavors are Certified Gluten-Free, so those with Celiac Disease or gluten allergies can enjoy them without concerns about gluten contamination.

Our 5 Principles & Mission Statement

Peek under the flap on the back of the wrapper and you’ll spot the symbols representing our 5 Principles, as well as our mission statement.

Along with making delicious plant-based bars, GoMacro is also committed to creating positive change in the world. Our 5 Principles – Live Long, Eat Positive, Give Back, Tread Lightly, and Be Well – are the foundation of everything we do as a company. We share our principles on the back of every package to inspire you to live a vibrant, balanced life that’s aligned with your values - starting with the foods you enjoy each day. Read more about our 5 principles here.

Our Certifications

We believe everyone deserves transparency when it comes to the food they’re putting into their bodies, and we’re committed to ensuring everyone can enjoy delicious snacks made from high quality ingredients regardless of their dietary needs.

That’s why we’re proud of that long list of certifications on the bottom back of the wrapper, allowing customers to easily find foods that suit their lifestyle. All GoMacro products are Certified Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Kosher, Non-GMO, C.L.E.A.N., and many are Certified FODMAP Friendly, too! You can learn more about our certifications here.

Lot Code & Best By Date

At the very bottom, beneath the certifications, you’ll spot a “LOT #” and “BEST BY” date. The Lot number refers to the batch your bar was part of during production. If you ever have questions about your MacroBars, these numbers help us identify when it was produced and help us promptly resolve any issues you might be experiencing. Best by dates help you understand when your MacroBar should be enjoyed for maximum freshness and the soft, chewy texture you love.

We take pride in sourcing the highest quality certified ingredients from sustainable sources to make sure what’s inside our bars is healthy and tasty. Our wrappers are a reflection of all the goodness you’re getting when you open them up. So next time you’re enjoying a bar, be sure to take a peek at the wrapper too. You just might spot something you never noticed before!

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