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Product Reviews for Lemon + Lemon


July 8, 2023

Love the lemon bars! I always keep these and the mocha chocolate in my closet as snack/breakfast. Love the chewiness! Perfect with a cup of coffee. Always stock up when they’re on sale, but unfortunately they sell out frequently!!


April 14, 2023

LOVE! I love everything about these yummy bars! They’re organic and gluten, dairy and soy free and clean!! They are delicious and filling and low sugar… perfection in a wrapper! Oh and you can recycle the wrappers with Terracycle! What’s better than that?


March 27, 2023

LOVE these- addicting. Lemon is bright and light and the texture is so good


February 23, 2023

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these lemon bars. Not super lemony, SO good!

Allison Braswell

February 19, 2023

I am not one of those sole whole-foods-kind-of-diet people by any means. I eat little debbie cakes, gummies, and frozen meals on the regular. With that being said, my unhealthy self was unsure how I'd like these, and that's with any new brand of protein bars. By the end of the first bar I can confidently say I wanted another one. The texture was new to me, but I am super fond of it. The lemon was so good. I read up on the website and I am so impressed by the company! The values, mission, sustainability, thoughtfulness... and the list goes on is what we need in all of our foods! I'm one happy customer. Now my unhealthy-self feels healthy for the moment being.

Patricia L Calderwood

February 8, 2023

Love the lemon bar.

Joel Fichman

February 8, 2023

Ok, this is the best bar we have found so far. We generally look for high protein with low added sugar and a great taste. Maybe you could have a little bit less added sugar, at 12 g that's not so bad but it could be better. Basically, we buy a box of this and maybe a box of something else every time. This is her go to, constant.

John Davie

January 23, 2023

Love this lemon bar!

Robin Boscia

January 18, 2023

Love the new lemon flavor. Bought one at my favorite retailer & liked so much, had to get an entire box!! Love all the flavors, but this now is one of my favorite


January 11, 2023

Love the taste! It’s hard to find bars that are accommodating to my gluten and chocolate allergy. Love the lemon flavor.