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Product Reviews for Granola + Coconut

Betty C

March 7, 2021

This a delicious snack bar but is slightly too sweet for my taste, but it's my husband's FAVE. He devours it with joy! We are on our 5th box!


January 22, 2021

First time trying this one. Nice subtle taste, chewy and soft. These are not too sweet which I like and not too crunchy. I’m not a crunch fan. Simple and delicious.


October 20, 2020

Didn't love this flavor, way to sticky, didn't really taste the coconut.


September 26, 2020

I like this flavor, very nice. I'm a fan of go macro bars and plan to try every flavor! Always enjoys these bars whether its a snack or as a pick me up. Very nutritious and delicious! :)


September 17, 2020

Of my five favorite bars this is my favorite. Not too sweet, nice and a little chewy, it is my mid day pickeruper. I keep a good supply in case of another lock down . . . . wait, no worry, they are delivered right to my door, and I gave one to the male man who is my letter carrier who enjoyed. Now if I could just find a source for pickle juice I be smooth. Must check the box "I am NOT a robot" but some times wonder if I am.


August 7, 2020

BIG big fan! Love this flavor!


July 24, 2020

So it is for sure, this is one of my Five Favorites! The Granola makes it a great afternoon break time. And all this from a little town in Wisconsin farm country . . . wish I was there now and not Isolating in a city under Pikes Peak. These GoMacro are the perfect supply to survive the Corona MESS, Wear a mask! gar


July 4, 2020

I follow a low fodmap diet and really appreciate that Go Macro makes bars that are suitable for the low fodmap diet and that they have a special section on the website. However, I really did not enjoy this flavour. I took a few bites and did not finish it. I found the flavour to be very bland and not enjoyable. Will not buy this flavour again.


April 9, 2020

I try to keep a variety on hand. I like most of the bars and this is one I will order by the box full. YUM, has a nice flavor without being too sweet :-)

Crystal Andrew

March 6, 2020

I used to buy this flavor all the time when they were made in the mini bar size. I loved them. Please bring back the minis.