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Product Reviews for Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip



November 11, 2023

I never leave home without one of these in my bag or in my pocket. As a person with many food sensitivities, it can be hard to know if my next meal will be "safe", but these have never let me down. Any meal, any snack, any time of day, even just as a sweeter pick-me-up on a tough day, GoMacro does it all.



October 31, 2023

I love the oatmeal chocolate chip. The peanut butter chocolate chip is okay but doesn’t have a strong peanut butter taste that I prefer in combination with chocolate. They are both really great nutritionally and are perfect as a quick protein boost. They are both very satisfying in their chew with a little bit of crunch. I will continue to try more flavors.



October 16, 2023

The Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip bars are an absolute must have at our house!!! My husband and I have been ordering these bars since 2015 and today they are still are favorite. They pair well with a cup of coffee in the morning and this bar also is a great post workout boost. I highly recommend this bar if you love peanut butter and chocolate!


Kim k

October 9, 2023

I love these bars !! Addicted!!!


Norma V.

September 26, 2023

I purchased the bars for our son who suffers from IBS, He likes the bars very much as they taste good and agree with his digestion. Thanks!



September 8, 2023

From post workout - busy mom days survival - dessert … GoMacro helps me keep going! Best flavor, ingredients, and support for the individual as well as the globe…. doesn’t get better than this!



July 17, 2023

I love these bars. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip is the one flavor that everyone in my family agrees on, so we buy cases at a time. They're ideal as meal replacements or as fuel for activities like cycling, skiing or hiking. I even eat them during bike races because they go down easily and provide sustained energy. My one request however is for a version with less sugar. They'd still be plenty sweet and filling but contain fewer calories.


Sheridan Thomas

July 16, 2023

These bars are my all time favorite. the nutrition is exemplary!!. I eat one half as soon as I wake up, save the other half for a midday snack. the Mini's are a great snatch and go energizing boost when I am in a rush, just a couple of bites to stave the hunger in between meals. thank you!


Sarah Conroy

July 9, 2023

Love the flavor, great meal replacement. A bit high in sugar would love to see with a few less grams.



July 7, 2023

Love these bars. Peanut butter chocolate chip is definitely my favorite! Super fast shipping great deals when having sales.