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Product Reviews for Oatmeal Chocolate Chip


August 2, 2020

Veggiemomcooks got me started on these Delicious bars. I’ve tried oatmeal chocolate chips, peanut butter and chocolate, granola and coconut. All were good, but oatmeal chocolate is my #1 go to~ bought 2 extra boxes

Rachel M

July 21, 2020

This is my favorite flavor so far. So tasty and I love that it is dairy, gluten, and soy free, but still tastes great and has lots of protein!

Amy Frantz

July 19, 2020

This bar is definitely one of my favorites such a yummy taste oatmeal and chocolate chip together. I've never been a fan of oatmeal raisin cookies but these (no raisins) are fantastic.


July 13, 2020

These are amazing! There is finally a protein bar that doesn’t have almond butter in it- love the flavor and texture.

Patricia Pokorski

July 9, 2020

It does taste like an oatmeal cookie but without the guilty. Love this flavor, too!


July 9, 2020

I love this flavor! It works for meals, snacks or treats and is absolutely delicious! I recommend it to everyone. The best bar I have had.

Samantha B

April 21, 2020

I absolutely love this flavor! It's perfect for breakfast with coffee or as a snack any time of day. The texture is perfect, and it's just the right amount of sweetness! I love taking these on backpacking trips also because they are higher in protein. By far my favorite GoMacro Bar!

Chelsea C.

April 13, 2020

I am a GoMacro fanatic. I was so excited to try this bad because oatmeal is a staple in my life and chocolate chips just make it better. These are a little more sweet than I expected but taste just like an oatmeal cookie. I LOVE!


April 12, 2020

Do you like Oatmeal Chocolate Chip everything? Well this bar will be no exception. SO good and a tie of being my favorite along with the Maple Sea Salt. I love the brand being that it's privately owned, only uses clean ingredients, is so well certified, has fantastic texture of chewy with amazing crunch of puffed brown rice.

Patricia Krotche

April 11, 2020

When I first tried your bars, I bought a variety pack thinking I would learn which flavors I liked the best. I really enjoyed all of the flavors in the variety pack. Then you sent a free oatmeal bar because at the time that was the new flavor. I'm so glad you did because now that is my favorite flavor. It tastes just like a cookie. THANKS!!!