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Product Reviews for Mocha Chocolate Chip



February 12, 2023

After years of struggling to find good breakfast foods that agree with my digestive system, I finally found the solution!! They also provide a healthy snack versus candy bars.



January 27, 2023

This is one of my favorites. The flavor is great and I love that it has a little caffeine boost. Perfect for morning or on the way to the gym!



January 1, 2023

My second favorite bar of yours. Love it!!!!!


David E. Pearson

December 29, 2022

Good stuff. Tasty & satisfying. Better warmed up a bit, so softer.



December 19, 2022

Good for a breakfast or snack on-the-go that has a mocha flavor to it that’s not too strong (I’m not a huge coffee fan).


Jennifer Diaz

December 8, 2022

My favorite flavor! I love the chocolate and the subtle mocha notes.


Tom Pihl

November 9, 2022

Love the ingredients for both nutrition and low sodium to assist with Ménière's (the Mocha protein bar and a couple others). A perfect 1/2 meal replacement for my diet needs.



September 25, 2022

I LOVE this flavor. It’s my favorite of all the flavors offered. It is smooth, chocolatey with a tiny hint of coffee. I found these bars after developing IBS. This was one of the things I could eat and not get sick. I have one for breakfast every morning and sometimes another flavor in the afternoon as a snack. I wish the sugar content was slightly lower. Also this particular flavor is so hard to find lately. I love it so much I don’t want to be without it.



September 2, 2022

These bars are fantastic! Mocha is my favorite. Because they are gluten free and vegan I don’t feel guilty eating them. Our local market has them available but often they are low in stock so ordering from the source is great.



July 8, 2022

This is my favorite flavor, and I actually wish I didn't like it quite so much! I do have to be careful not to eat one too late in the day, but I think it is my favorite because the bitterness of the coffee cuts the sweetness a bit. That is what I would change about this delicious bar -- and all the flavors I've tried -- make them a little less sweet, please! (That's the reason for the 4, but actually I would give a darker, less sweet bar a 6!) It would also be terrific if you could provide a way to recycle the wrappers -- I am generating a lot of them!