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Product Reviews for Mint Chocolate Chip



January 3, 2024

Huge fan of the brand and practically live off the double chocolate peanut butter chip bars. Was very excited for the mint chocolate chip bars and was so confident that I'd love it that I bought 6 boxes worth. I was disappointed in the flavor and texture. It's definitely edible, but I will never buy this flavor again.


Thank you for sharing your feedback Abi! We are sorry that you didn't enjoy this flavor, a member of our customer care team will be in contact with you soon!



December 17, 2023

Nice balance between the chocolate and mint. I enjoy most of the GoMacro flavors but this one is outstanding - and my current favorite.



November 15, 2023

This new flavor is delicious! Exactly how mint chocolate should taste. It was a bold try going for it and they nailed it. The perfect amount of sweet and mint and filling. My kids keep taking this flavor so I’ll need to restock often!



November 11, 2023

I have yet to dislike a Macro bar flavor and this one is at the top of my go-to flavors. Pretty perfect. If you like thin mints girscout cookies, you will like this bar, but they are way better for you than those things as they HF corn syrup and other nasty ingredients.



November 8, 2023

I love this new flavor! The mint is refreshing but not overpowering or too sweet. A very smooth, not grainy bar. I work in health care and sometimes don't get much of a break, but I can eat this and it tides me over to when I can eat a meal.


Mike S

November 5, 2023

Great mint chocolate flavor and soft texture. My favorite of all the flavors!



September 18, 2023

I am elated that GoMacro created this Mint Chocolate Chip protein bar! The flavor is exceptionally good. The mint is not overpowering and it’s subtlety it pairs well with the Coco flavor which is a perfectly duo. It’s the perfect snack for a hike or post workout! I highly recommend this delicious bar.



September 9, 2023

Great tasting bars. Almost like a thin mint cookie. Enjoy one everyday for breakfast!



July 13, 2023

Mint chocolate chip anything is my go to. I do like this new Go Macro bar. I love the convenience of the bars and I try to have one with me knowing it will satisfy my sweet tooth without being over powering. I am always glad for the high protein bars. The mint chocolate is my second favorite. Oatmeal chocolate chip is my favorite. Maybe I'll try to put them together.



July 8, 2023

I love a variety of the Go Macro bars, but this minty bar is my new favorite. These.bars are great to pack for a day of hiking or biking. They are a great way to reenergize in a healthy way. I also pack them in my gym bag for a treat on the way home from a tough gym workout. The rich chewy texture and taste makes you feel you are indulging in a delicious dessert, contrary to the actual healthy ingredients.