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Product Reviews for Maple Sea Salt



November 11, 2023

This is one of my new favorite flavors! Rich with Maple



October 23, 2023

One of the very best flavors, Love every bite!



September 30, 2023

No time for pancakes in the morning? Problem solved! These bars are absolutely delicious! Warm and comforting to morning hunger! My fav by far!!! Love these!



September 14, 2023

I love the flavor and texture of the maple sea salt bars. They are an enjoyable part of my day.



September 13, 2023

I’m not typically a maple fan, but this bar does it differently. Great flavor and not overly sweet.


Bridget Kessinger

September 12, 2023

I absolutely LOVE the maple syrup bar with sea salt, however with all of my health issues I should NOT eat any seeds. I noticed there are pumpkin seeds in there. Is it possible to eliminate these for future new bars? All seeds causes inflammation in my body and my doctor recommended me to NOT eat any vegetables that contain seed’s within them. Yes this is very hard to do, but I can tell you until you have any type of inflammatory disease, I promise you I can tell a world of difference. Thank you, sincerely!!! Bridget Kessinger



September 12, 2023

Maple Sea Salt Protein Bars is the only bar I have found that meets all food sensitivity needs while providing a protein snack when hunger strikes while away from home. They are also a nice sweet treat.



August 30, 2023

These protein bars are delicious! Just the right amount of sweetness and a perfect chewy texture. They are also the ONLY protein bars I have found that I can eat, since I have to avoid gluten, dairy, chocolate, peanuts, nuts, citrus and a bunch of other foods. They are a lifesaver when I need a protein snack on the go. Please don't ever discontinue them!



August 19, 2023

Love these... taste a little bit like a bit o' honey



August 10, 2023

These were worth the search. I wanted to try this one out before buying a pack of 12 but couldn't find them in stores. So I placed the order and was not disappointed. I'll be purchasing again!