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Product Reviews for Dark Chocolate + Almonds



July 9, 2022

Seriously the most delicious protein bar I’ve ever had! This is my favorite.


Kimberly Keno

July 9, 2022

The Dark Chocolate + Almonds is one of my favorite Go Macro bars. I love the little bits of almonds mixed in with the dark chocolate. I eat it as a meal replacement and it satisfies any hunger pains I have.


Patty D.

June 13, 2022

Yummy bars - they are now a staple of my per-workout mornings when hunger strikes. The perfect hunger stopper so that I can get great workout in daily!



May 15, 2022

We are practically addicted to these bars. They are the best on the market. Vegan, filled with protein and so yummy. We couldn't ask for more.


Scott R

May 14, 2022

So glad I found these bars. Always fresh and very tasty. Great start to most of my work days.



April 21, 2022

Love my Go Macro bars. They are delicious. I carry one in case I can’t get home at meal time and have one for breakfast almost daily



April 16, 2022

My most favorite. My reward after a morning of cycling the trails.



April 14, 2022

I think these are my's like eating dark chocolate cookie dough-soooo indulgent. Love that they're vegan-wouldn't buy them if they weren't.



April 6, 2022

Rather than having dessert after lunch or dinner, I choose this bar. It is so delicious and makes me feel so much healthier. It is protein packed and so rich and creamy.


Shirley Smith

April 5, 2022

These are my favorite bars!!! I eat one for breakfast every day. The dark chocolate and almond ratio is perfect!!! I also bought the new lemon bars which are absolutely delicious!!! Love GoMacro bars. I’ve been buying these bars for years. Got my sister hooked on them as well as my daughter. We love love love them!!! ❤️❤️❤️