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Product Reviews for Double Chocolate Brownie Kids Bar



August 9, 2020

These are so delicious!! Not only does my toddler love them as dessert on treat nights but I LOVE them as well....maybe a little too much. I feel confident having Gomacro as a staple in my house. I’d give these 10 stars if I could.



August 5, 2020

I bought these for my 6 year old son, who is a beyond super picky eater. Naturally he hated them. I LOVE them. I continue to order them for myself and the regular adult bars for him. They're like dessert, so yummy!!



July 24, 2020

I bought these to try for my husband & I


Carol Wendel

July 22, 2020

Simply scrumptious---and just the right size, for kids and adults!



July 9, 2020

This bar was better than the cookie dough kids bar, but it wasn't the best chocolate flavor. I absolutely love the peanut butter cup and oatmeal chocolate chip bars and would get those again. Even though these bars are about the size of my pointer finger, what I love about them is that they are so much softer than the regular go macro bars. I love the texture and the flavors of the kid's bars taste more "unhealthy" than regular go macro bars.