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The 10 Major Food Trends to Watch in 2018

From fresh floral infusions to sustainable root-to-stem recipes, these are the trending flavors, products, and culinary influences that'll shape how we eat in 2018. With the help of Whole Foods Market's experts and industry leaders, who source items and lead trends across the retailer's food and personal care categories, we've called out 10 of the most influential food trends to watch in 2018 -- now dig in!

We've seen a huge focus on plant-based diets and dishes in the food world, but 2018 will bring exciting new technolgical breakthroughs to the forefront. From "bleeding" vegan burgers like Beyond Meat's revolutionary Beyond Burger patty, to sushi-grade "not-tuna" made from tomatoes, 2018 will be an exciting time for plant-forward tech. Look out for new dairy alternatives like nut milks, yogurts, and cheeses made from pili nuts, peas, bananas, macadamia nuts, and pecans, as well as a whole new category of vegan sweets, like frosting, brownies, ice cream, and much more.

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