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GoMacro Launches Bigger Than A Bar Campaign

GoMacro Protein Replenishment hero image

GoMacro launches “Bigger Than A Bar” campaign kicking off the new year with a BIG message. Since 2004, GoMacro has been building a bar company that brings positive impact. Bigger Than A Bar not only brings to light the story of a mother and daughter team who used a plant-based diet to fight cancer, but also the passion GoMacro has for our planet and our health. Small choices add up to big change, and that’s exactly what the Bigger Than A Bar campaign is about.

Made with 100% Renewable Energy

We use wind and solar energy to power our production. We also take actions to offset 100% of our carbon footprint. Read More

Sustainably Grown Ingredients

All of our ingredients are carefully selected from Equal Partner Program suppliers and farmers that use sustainable growing practices. Read More

Plant-Based Nutrition

100% Plant-based. 100% Delicious! Read More

Mother-Daughter Owned

In the face of adversity, a mother and daughter took their love to the kitchen, and GoMacro was born. Read More

Giving Back

We’re committed to helping build a stronger healthier community, one bite at a time. Read More

Edited Aug 2021