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Giving Back One Family at a Time with Everlasting Joy MacroBars®

MacroBar with coconut and almond

Our Everlasting Joy MacroBar® is a customer favorite for its perfectly balanced coconut flavor, soft and chewy texture, and of course, the chocolate chips. The name isn’t just about the delicious flavor, though; it also speaks to the joy of knowing that with every bite, you’re giving back to organizations building stronger, healthier communities!

Annually, a portion of net proceeds from year-round sales of our Coconut + Almond Butter + Chocolate Chips MacroBar goes to two incredible organizations: Feeding San Diego and Solutions for Change. As a mother-daughter owned company, supporting families is particularly important to our team at GoMacro®. It’s an honor to partner with these two non-profits that share our commitment to bettering families and the community at large.

A Comprehensive Approach to Hunger-Relief

Nearly 300,000 people in San Diego County face hunger, while 38% of food produced is wasted. Feeding San Diego is helping to solve this problem through their network of distribution partners, donors, food pantries, farms, and over 22,000 volunteers.

Their projects focus specifically on meeting the nutritional needs of four at-risk groups: kids, families, military and veterans, and senior citizens. Through 13+ programs and initiatives, Feeding San Diego is on a mission to connect every person facing hunger with nutritious meals by maximizing food rescue.

Thanks to their wide variety of services, the organization distributed over 34 million meals in the 2023 fiscal year alone, while also rescuing over 31 million pounds of high-quality food. In fact, the vast majority of the food distributed through the Feeding San Diego network would have otherwise gone to waste. This means that in addition to helping alleviate hunger for the most vulnerable populations, they also reduced the equivalent of 27,500 metric tons of CO2 this year.

Solving Family Homelessness

At the same time, millions of Americans are stuck in what Solutions for Change calls “The Churn”: a cycle of hardship, temporary relief, and dependency that keeps the most vulnerable populations – including millions of stressed parents and children without a stable place to grow – trapped in poverty and homelessness.

Solutions for Change offers tailored solutions that address the root cause of an individual’s struggles in order to help them break out of the cycle and live a happy, independent life. Depending on the needs of each individual or family, the organization offers a wide variety of programs to teach vocational skills, financial literacy, personal development, family management, and more. Through these initiatives, individuals are educated, equipped, and inspired to make change and thrive. To date, Solutions for Change has impacted the lives of over 1,300 families and 2,800 children. In fact, 93% of their participants have permanently overcome the cycle of homelessness and transformed their lives, as well as the lives of generations to come.

How You Can Make a Difference

Whether our Everlasting Joy MacroBar is one of your favorites or you have yet to give it a try, shopping this Give Back Bar® is a great way to support organizations committed to building healthy families and communities. Shop our Coconut + Almond Butter + Chocolate Chips MacroBars on our website, or find them at a store near you!

Visit Solutions for Change and Feeding San Diego to find out how you can further participate in their transformative work.