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The Best Men's Running Gear of 2018

Need a pre-, mid-, or post-workout snack that'll deliver run-happy carbs? Reach for MacroBars. They're sweetened with organic brown rice syrup—the carbs, proteins, and fats from the brown rice are slowly converted into sugars and amino acids—which means the bars are gluten-free (as well as vegan and free of GMOs). The brand's newest flavors: Protein Decadence (dark chocolate + almonds), Blissful Daybreak (blueberry + cashew butter), and Sweet Awakening (mocha chocolate chip) have about 270 calories, 36g carbs, and 10g protein. They're made with nut butters, plant protein, and nuts (some, not all) that satisfy hunger and keep energy stores up. They also come in minis if you can't handle a whole bar before a run. ($34.68, new flavor sampler pack,