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GoMacro Partners With Kimberly-Clark To Upcycle Single-Use Manufacturing Materials

GoMacro employee in manufacturing facilities

In an ongoing effort to become a zero-landfill business, we are proud to announce our partnership with Kimberly-Clark, helping us upcycle our single-use gloves and hairnets that are required throughout our manufacturing process.

This partnership will eliminate over 150,000 gloves and 275,000 hair nets/beard nets from being sent to landfills each year, allowing these single-use products to be transformed into products like benches, flower pots, bike racks and more.

Kimberly-Clark has partnered with companies all over North America, helping support their workplace efforts to reduce waste and improve recycling through innovative programs like composting, design for reduction, and post-consumer waste solution programs on products and packaging.

To learn more about Kimberly-Clark and their passion for waste and recycling, click here.