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Fit Moms Exercise with Baby: GoMacro Partners with Baby Boot Camp

Moms working out with their babies in strollers
Moms working out with their babies
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GoMacro® announces a new partnership with Baby Boot Camp® and Karna Fitness®, and it’s a partnership with health and mothers in mind as we know how challenging it can be to stay healthy and fit, let alone do it with a baby. Together the companies plan to implement several fun and creative programs designed to encourage healthy eating and wellness through social engagement, videos and contests.

GoMacro Partners with Baby Boot Camp and Fit Moms for "Mommy and Me" Fitness Classes

Baby Boot Camp was started to support new moms in bringing back, and even enhancing, their pre-pregnancy fitness levels all while spending time with their babies. CEO and founder Kristen Horler designed these classes after having her first child in 2001 when she found it difficult to find a challenging workout and class that didn’t require hiring a personal trainer, signing up for a gym membership, and managing the added responsibilities of finding a babysitter. She drew from her experience as a group fitness instructor, personal trainer, triathlete, and mother and developed Baby Boot Camp providing innovative workouts like STROLLFIT & STROLLGA.

Fit Moms Are Building Special Memories Exercising With Baby

Besides a challenging workout, Baby Boot Camp programs are an opportunity for new moms to spend time with their babies and other moms. “GoMacro is a great fit for our active moms who are focused on healthy eating,” says Kristen Horler, CEO and Founder of Baby Boot Camp & Karna Fitness. “This partnership further strengthens our goal to not only inspire our clients to lead an active life, but also to increase their awareness of the many benefits of good nutrition.”

Balancing the demands of motherhood with eating well and exercise

“We’re delighted to become the official National Bar Sponsor of Baby Boot Camp and Karna Fitness” said Jola Sonkin, Co-Founder and CEO of GoMacro and mother of four. “We personally know how challenging it can be to balance the demands of motherhood with eating well and exercise. Baby Boot Camp and Karna Fitness provide an exceptional environment for moms to stay fit; now GoMacro can help with the challenges of eating well on-the-go too.”

The pioneer attitude is something that Jola resonates with. Her mother, and other half of GoMacro, Amelia Kirchoff, started the company in light of her success battling breast cancer. Largely accredited to maintaining a macrobiotic diet, Amelia made healthy snacks with local sweeteners and home grown fruits and grains which helped her body strengthen. Jola took the delicious snacks her mother had made to a health food store in Chicago while working as a teacher. That store became their first customer and since that time Jola has introduced the GoMacro to health food stores throughout the United States, Canada, Japan and the UK.

Baby Boot Camp is an innovative stroller fitness program that helps moms regain or enhance pre-pregnancy fitness levels and meet the physical challenges of parenting by emphasizing strength training in a supportive environment. Classes are available across the United States. Franchise opportunities are available throughout the U.S. and abroad. Find a class near you.

Karna Fitness is Kristen’s second company which offers small-group training fitness and nutrition programs exclusively for women of all ages and stages, including Karna Camp, Restore the Core, Half Marathon Training Program and Nutrition Solutions.