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Our Partnership with
Autism Society

The CDC estimates that over 5.4 million adults - and 1 in 36 children - in the U.S. are on the autism spectrum. GoMacro® is proud to partner with Autism Society of America to create an inclusive world in which all people on the spectrum can reach their full potential.

A portion of net proceeds from March sales of all Kids MacroBars® will be donated to Autism Society to support their efforts and programs, including:

  • Affiliate Networks
    Leverages a network of over 70+ nationwide affiliates to serve individuals and families throughout the United States.

  • Public Policy Advocacy
    Champions change that empowers the autism community through state and federal public policy.

  • Training
    Provides a variety of online courses and tutorials to families, support providers, and professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge to better support individuals with autism and related conditions.

  • Safety
    Shares resources and administers training to authority figures and law enforcement to reduce safety risks facing the autism community including dangerous interactions, being hurt, victimized, or wandering away (sometimes called eloping).

  • Support
    Trains Information and Referral Specialists to offer localized support options, connecting people to the resources they need when they need them.

With each purchase of Kids MacroBars, you help impact the lives of millions of individuals and family members living with autism.

Making Positive Change

Autism Society has worked to connect individuals with each other, with resources, and with supports and services to live full, vibrant, self-actualized lives for nearly 60 years. In 2022 alone, the organization:

  • Helped 1 million individuals access resources and education materials through their national website

  • Supported over 130,000 people through helpline inquires nationwide

  • Advocated for 42 bills and successfully helped pass key legislation

  • Served over 8,300 people through affiliate “Autism 101” programs

  • Held over 8,000 events, totaling 214,584 attendees nationwide

  • Sent 2,243 letters to members of Congress from advocates through the Autism Society Action Center

About Autism Society

The Autism Society of America is dedicated to creating connections and empowering autistic individuals, their families, and support professionals by connecting them to the resources needed to live fully. Through education, advocacy, support, information and referral, and community programming, they work towards a world in which everyone has access to the support they need when they need it.

As the nation's oldest leading grassroots autism organization, the Autism Society and its approximately 70 affiliates serve over half a million members of the autism community each year. The organization serves as a trusted leader for autistic individuals and families navigating their unique and diverse autism experience. By championing initiatives that advance equitable opportunities in healthcare, education, employment, policy, and more, the organization uniquely executes a national reach with meaningful, local impact across the United States. Over the last 59 years, the Autism Society network has become a driving force in the pursuit of dignity, equity, and inclusion for all individuals within the autism community.

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