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Sanitation Employee - 3rd Shift - **New Starting Wage & Sign-On Bonus**

Viola, WI


**New wage and $1,500 Sign-On Bonus**

Why join the GoMacro team?

We’re a company that is driven by a unique core ideology we call The GoMacro Way, which is based upon authenticity, generosity, and compassion for people and the planet. We operate with integrity, we create with passion, and we conduct ourselves with humility. We seek growth-minded people who are inspired by challenges, encouraged by camaraderie, and excited about being leaders at every level. Become part of a team where everyone is heard, valued, and empowered to influence positive change in their local and global community.

How GoMacro’s history shapes who we are today?

During her 2003 battle with cancer, co-founder Amelia Kirchoff created the first MacroBar® recipe in her kitchen on the Wisconsin family farm. In the years following, Amelia and her daughter and co-founder Jola began spreading awareness for the power of a balanced, plant-based lifestyle through GoMacro’s healthy and delicious MacroBars, which are now available in stores nationwide.  

Today, our work is still guided by the values upon which Jola and Amelia built GoMacro: Live Long, Eat Positive, Give Back, Tread Lightly, and Be Well. It’s our goal to inspire people to have a healthy body, sharp mind, and bold spirit—and we believe doing fun, and meaningful work is part of that.   


Join us as we make the world better, one bite at a time! 

Position Description:

Clean and sanitize the entire production facility in accordance with GoMacro’s GMPs to assure safe, high-quality products.

Primary Responsibilities:


  • Follow the Master Sanitation Schedule checklist, initialing tasks as they are sufficiently completed
  • Maintain the production line cleaning system (belt washer), operating the mechanical dishwasher, and handwashing equipment
  • General cleaning and sanitizing of the breakroom, warehouse, and offices

Chemical Concentrations:

  • Perform daily chemical titrations to determine adherence to set specifications
  • Document results and report any abnormalities to the Sanitation Supervisor


  • Appropriately use personal protective equipment while completing the Master Sanitation Schedule to enable a safe work environment


  • Complete daily ATP and Allergiene swabs to verify effectiveness of cleaning.  
  • Rewash and retest whenever results are out of specifications.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Other duties as warranted by senior management

Travel Required:

No travel will be required with this position.

Provision to Cover:

Other Sanitation employees; Sanitation Lead



Skills Required:

  • Knowledge of GMPs and SSOPs
  • Ability to perform basic math skills
  • Good communication and capability to work in a team setting
  • Aptitude to follow written and verbal instruction