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Product Reviews for Sunflower Butter + Chocolate Mini


June 19, 2018

Tried other brands of "power" bars which were nothing more than glorified candy bars. Then I discovered Gomacro sunflower & chocolate bars in Trader Joe's. I visited the Gomacro Website and ordered the blueberry / cashew which is just as good, if not better. The wonderful thing about these bars THEY ARE FOOD! A nutritious snack or light lunch alternative. Don't leave home without them.

Victoria Tamborino

June 1, 2018

LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am so glad I found these. finally a bar without all the stuff I don't want to eat that tastes great! I get the smaller sized ones which are perfect for me with a coconut milk yogurt for breakfast. I also love that they are one of very few that have protein without that protein being NUTS. we have nut allergies in our house, so prefer not to have them in the house at all. that is the ONE thing I would ask of the company - to come up with more flavors that do not have nuts (or dairy) as the source of protein. I would highly recommend (and have) these bars and this company to friends.