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1st Shift Quality Technician

Quality - Viola, Wisconsin

Position: Quality Technician

Reports To: Quality Supervisor


Purpose: Ensure safe food through quality assurance practices and quality control testing. In coordination with the Quality Lead, assists with food safety procedures, enforcement, and solving quality and food safety related issues.


  1. Laboratory Testing: Perform daily laboratory procedures on incoming ingredients and finished product. Which encompasses water activity, moisture content, pH, aerobic plate counts, yeast/mold counts, gluten levels, texture analysis, and sensory analysis. Keep accurate and up to date documentation with hard copies and computer entries. Analyze results and report any non-conformances.
  2. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP’s): Monitor and enforce the FDA regulated policies for GMP’s to provide a product that is safe for human consumption. Document hourly GMP checks and correct any non-conformances.
  3. Quality Control: Monitor and enforce quality policies for production and sanitation. Perform hourly checks on bar lengths and pressure tests. Perform production audits throughout the shift. Conduct product change / startup label checks to ensure that the correct labels are being used.
  4. Foreign Material: Document and keep up to date records of any foreign materials found in ingredients and finished products. Assist in investigating origin of foreign material.
  5. Other Skills: Other duties as warranted by senior management.


  1. Discipline/Coaching: This position is responsible for monitoring GMPs amongst all employees. This includes providing corrective action and coaching wherever it is needed.  
  2. Expenses: Quality Manager, Lab Manager, and/or Quality Lead will approve and expense any needed goods for the Laboratory.

Skills/Qualifications: Supervision, Coaching, Detail Oriented, Time Management, Product Knowledge, Process Evaluation, and Organization.

Provision to Cover: Quality Tech; Quality Coordinator; Quality Lead

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