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1st Shift Kitting and Cartoning Cell

Viola, WI

Job Type

JOB TITLE: Kitting & Cartoning Cell  


DEPARTMENT: Ecommerce 

POSITION TYPE: Hourly, full-time

REPORTS TO: Ecommerce Website Manager



DATE CREATED: 10/19/2021

Why join the GoMacro team?

We’re a company that is driven by a unique core ideology we call The GoMacro Way, which is based upon authenticity, generosity, and compassion for people and the planet. We operate with integrity, we create with passion, and we conduct ourselves with humility. We seek growth-minded people who are inspired by challenges, encouraged by camaraderie, and excited about being leaders at every level. Become part of a team where everyone is heard, valued, and empowered to influence positive change in their local and global community.

How GoMacro’s history shapes who we are today?

During her 2003 battle with cancer, co-founder Amelia Kirchoff created the first MacroBar® recipe in her kitchen on the Wisconsin family farm. In the years following, Amelia and her daughter and co-founder Jola began spreading awareness for the power of a balanced, plant-based lifestyle through GoMacro’s healthy and delicious MacroBars, which are now available in stores nationwide.  

Today, our work is still guided by the values upon which Jola and Amelia built GoMacro: Live Long, Eat Positive, Give Back, Tread Lightly, and Be Well. It’s our goal to inspire people to have a healthy body, sharp mind, and bold spirit—and we believe doing fun, and meaningful work is part of that.   

Join us as we make the world better, one bite at a time! 

Position Description:

This role includes supporting our production team and performing kitting and cartooning duties.

Primary Responsibilities:

· Kitting (Variety Packs and Mini Cartons)

o Complete paperwork and other minor administrative tasks at the beginning and end of your shift, carefully ensuring all information is entered correctly and clearly – Verification process

o Assembly preparation work- pulling product from warehouses; setting up tables for packing process 

o Attach identification labels to finished items and count them to ensure that they conform to the initial order.

o Assemble master boxes.

o Stretch wrap completed pallets, fill out skid ticket, and place on pallet.

o Move material as necessary using pallet jack.

o Maintain work area and equipment in a clean and orderly condition.

o Inspect tray or carton final appearance

o Load cases onto pallets.

o Remove cardboard waste

o Putting kits/cartons into masters.

o Serve as a helper filling in for other positions.

o Perform other duties as requested by management.

· Cartoning (Kids and Multi-Packs)

o Drive the line by using a foot pedal to control the speed of the line.

o Fill up boxes, open boxes, and remove cardboard waste

o Putting cartons into masters.

o Perform other duties as requested by management.

o Prep materials/products for assembly line process 

o Place sealed cartons into master boxes, seal on case sealer and place on pallet.

o Set up and operate packaging machines to display accurate code dates

o Adjust machine components according to the size and processing angle of each product.

o Load items into packaging machines and adjust speed, flow, and temperature.

o Reset machines in cases of malfunctions and clear jams.

o Set machines to unload finished/packaged products and ensure that they conform to the set standards.

o Manipulate machine controls to ensure the minimization of packing material waste.

o Inspect and remove defective items or those that do not meet packaging standards.

o Ensure that packaged materials are appropriately stored and further packed in proper boxes.

o Stock products such as packaging materials.

o Document packaging activities daily and report machinery faults immediately.

o Perform other duties as requested by management.

Skills Required:

· Well organized and high attention to detail

· Able to multitask and work in a fast-paced environment

· Problem solving skills

· Able to adapt quickly and be flexible within the position

· Must have punctuality and good attendance

· Able to work independently and in a group setting

· Demonstrate initiative with required tasks

· Previous forklift experience preferred

· Proficient with the use of basic computer applications

Travel Required:

No travel will be required with this position.

Provision to Cover:

Other Ecomm employees


GoMacro, LLC is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applicants of diverse backgrounds to apply. For additional information, please visit our website